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Turkish team

No description

huriye gündüz

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Turkish team

Hi! My name is İrem. I live in Balıkesir
hello:)My name is Tuğçe Aydın.I am thirteen years old.My star sign is capricorn.
My name is Kaan BILGEN. I like eating is pizza and hamburger.
Hi!:)) I'm İrem.
.I crazy about playing volleyball and listening to music.Demi Lovato is my favorite singer
Hello!I’m Kadriye Demirci.I’m13 years old.I like playing volleyball.
Hello I' m Emircan .ı am from Turkey.My star sign is cancer
Hi, my name is Onuralp. I love playing basketball and listening to music.I don't like to play volleyball.
Hello:) My name is nisan selin. I like playing volleyball and listening music. I like reading a book.
Hello!! I'm Kübra.My lucky number is 6 and my lucky colour is purple.I am good at swimming and volleyball.
Hi! I'm Emirhan and I from balıkesir in Turkey. I am 13 year old.
Hi! My name is Ayça. I live in Balıkesir.I like play voleyball and listen to music. My star sign is Leo.
Hello :) I'm Beyza Nur.I like reading books and play the violin.My star sign is capricorn :)
My name is Dicle. I'm 13 years old.
Hello.My name is Altuğ.I like playing basketball and chess.
I don't like play football and fast-food.
Hello.I am Anıl.I am 13 years old.

I am Enis.I am from Turkey.I am thirteen years old
hello!! I'm goksu.I'm 13 years old .I'm live in turkey.I'm from Yozgat.I love family .

He ! My name is Bilge Kağan. I am thirteen years old .I am turkısh.I live in turkey.
Turkish team

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