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Female Empowerment Through Employment

How Employment infulences Female Empowerment and the Obstacles to Nicaraguan Women's Empowerment

Lauren Spatz

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Female Empowerment Through Employment

Nicaraguan Female Empowerment
Though Employment Relevant Literature Research Strategy &
Data Sources Future Actions Development as Freedom By Amartya Sen Gender, Taboo, and Deciet:
the alternative truth of household research By Jonathan Cloke Importance of Female Empowerment in Development Issues Child Mortality Rates Female Fertility Rates Politcal, Social and Economic Roles
Household Imbalances; Machismo and Marianismo Machismo ‘‘paternalism, aggression, systematic subordination of women, fetishism of their bodies and idolization of their reproductive and nurturing capacities, coupled to a rejection of homosexuality’’ Marianismo "marianismo for women is essentially the symbolic representation of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the role by which all women are to be judged. The idealized Mary (and therefore all ideal women) maintained a ‘‘resigned acceptance of any and all reality as the will of God’’."
Embracing Latina Spirituality:
A Woman’s Perspective Dr. Gonzalez Saints, Sprits and Madonna’s: Called to holiness;
Spirituality for Women Purity
Self sacrificing
Submissive model
Family before the needs of the women Used Online Databases and Class Materials to Find Relevant Literature Conducted Field Research with LAC Class on Female Empowerment Issues Female empowerment has a great influence on developing countries and their progress. My capstone looks at the obstacles women face in becoming more empowered and how employment helps them to achieve a greater sense of empowerment. Research Problem Intrafamily Violence and Sexual Abuse Center Specific Religious Community Leaders Evangelical Pastor Personal Interviews Special Needs Teacher
CISAS Psychologist
2 Lawyers
Economic Engineer
Intern Psychologist
ARNECOM Employee and Labor Union Leader
(All Female)
CISAS Microcredit Agency Pro Mohar Colectivo de Profesionales
De Las Mujeres
(Feminist Organization) The nature of women’s employment or the kinds of jobs and working conditions for women that are likely to empower women:
exacerbate role incompatibility,
enhance their status and decision-making within their families,
increase their economic or financial independence,
constrain domesticity or motherhood or
provide alternative returns and satisfactions to having children Female Labour-Force Participation By Lin Lean Lim status enhancing”
control over income and a greater say in family and fertility decisions;
Productive roles raises the opportunity cost of having children;
Childcare arrangements are not easily available
Less satisfactions from having additional children;
Income-earning capacity reduces the need of children as security for old age
Women’s contribution to family welfare lead to reduced sex preference for children and changing the value of daughters;
Participation in the labour force is linked to increasing investments in girls’ education and causes the age at first marriage and age at first pregnancy go up Results Women don’t always come forward:
Don’t know they are being abused
Feel it is their fault
Are too afraid to report anything.
Center works to educate on Domestic Abuse
Men beat their wives because It is part of their macho culture;
Learned Behavior
Usually drugs, alcohol or substance abuse acts as a trigger
Often women proliferate these roles teaching:
daughters that divorce is wrong
they must provide for their family
that they must be homemakers and submissive
Marriage at 16 is up so reports come from 18 to 30 year olds
Of them:
about 80% reporting are not employees
Therefore it would seem that either working women don’t have this problem or they are not reporting it.
-She is a single mother with 3 kids
-She was encouraged by her mother (who was also single) to get an education because it was the only way out of poverty.

-She went to school with the intent of being a doctor however had to stop early because she was pregnant

-She is glad to have a stable income but feels that the money she makes is not enough- just enough to live with dignity

-During the early years of her children's life her mother and uncle watched them
-When asked if there were government supported programs she said their were plenty

She feels independent and empowered because she supports herself and there is no one else to do it for her.
Plant hires more women then men because they tend to be more qualified. All workers receive:
-Course training
-Maternal period to take off when pregnant
-Half hour off to go breast feed kids
no night shift to pregnant mothers
-Every 6 months they get time off
-On site grocery store (420q to send per month)
-Health care on plant
-720q bonus for pregnancy
-2000q bonus for death in the family
-8 hour days usually 6 days a week
-Over time is 300%
-Have Mother’s day and Father’s day celebrations
-Possible scholarships!
-Psychologist working there for 7 years
-Parents were not educated but encouraged all of their children to get an education
-Families were economically challenged and early marriage was common at that age
-Many people with education end up as taxi drivers- little job opportunities
-More women in college than men 80 %
-More professional women in Leon than Managua
-Main goal is that her daughter is totally independent
-Husband and she share equal roles in the house holds, mother in law doesn’t agree

Neither employment of education is the key to female empowerment:
-It is being a multidimensional women
-To be seen as valuable and to feel valued
-It takes more then just income
Employment Helps Female Empowerment Because it Aids in Giving Women a Wholistic View of Themselves Get involved in on campus clubs that help to fight equality stigmas like :

Work to support organizations like Pro Mohar and CISAS

Utilize professors and finaical supporters or Nicaragua support programs
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