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Using Google Apps to Manage a Team

Presentation prepared for Google in Education South Africa Summit, September 2013. http://za.gafesummit.com/

Helen Robertson

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Using Google Apps to Manage a Team

Let me tell you a bit more about myself and what I do.
Using Google apps to manage a team
Rethink communication
Manage by results
Capture and apply lessons learned
Implement high frequency reporting
But what exactly is a remote team?
Select the right people
Plan for social interaction
Promote a team identity
Geographically dispersed team (different rooms)
Distributed team
A team who work across time, and organisational boundaries
Use of communication technology
Strong work ethic
Communicates clearly in writing
Give the team a name
Create a structure
Create team profiles
Celebrate achievements
Allow for social time in meetings
Engage in team building activities
Encourage spontaneous informal discussions
Run Productive Meetings
Understand and manage technology
Define your desired outcome
Use an agenda and adhere to it
Plan for informal discussions
Engage everyone
Document action items and decisions - minutes on the go
Keep members engaged between meetings
Delegate clearly

Avoid meddling and micromanaging

Maintain accountability
Establish standards

Use metrics

Be proactive with team members

Follow up if delivery is missed
Non-judgement feedback for continuous improvement.
Both positive and negative.
Mindset Learn:
Learn Xtra
Classroom Resources
Project management
People management
Remote team
Basic team management
Introduction to Asana
Managing Individual Tasks using Asana
Time Tracking with Yast
"How much is one hour of billable time worth in your company? If 10 minutes of billable time gets lost every day, it equals 2-3 hours each month. Per employee"
Easy Reporting with Yast

Paying users can have access to multiple users reports, giving an overview of where your team members are spending their time.
Managing Deliverable Dates with Google Calendar
Managing freelancers using Google Calendar:
Different management style/s
Transparent deliverable dates
Automatic reminders for all parties
Automatic emails to advise of delay in deliverables
Other Possibilities
There are many apps used by organisations to manage teams and project delivery.
Google Docs: Spreadsheets as Status Document
Share many on the document but allow only one to update it (all others can comment on it)
Encourage regular checking of spreadsheet
Include as many details as possible (dates, prices, names)
Resist changing dates, rather make comments
This is where Google apps are useful.
Based on this, school teachers are a remote team
Conventional methods:
Face to face (meetings)
Pigeon holes
Phone (calls and text)
Suggested replacements:
Meetings: Skype, Google Hangouts/Google Talk, Asana
Pigeon holes: Google Drive, Dropbox
Basic Intro to Yast
Working Collaboratively on Google Docs
Sharing documents on Dropbox
A caution...
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