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The English Royal House: the Windsor family

Engels Groepspresentatie T2 V6. Elles, Petra, Nienke en Minke

Minke Holleboom

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The English Royal House: the Windsor family

The British Royal House
The Windsor Family History and marriages Traditions and properties From George V till Elizabeth II The current Royal family Political en religious influence Traditions 'Trooping of Colours' Early eighteenth century The Royal Ascot Part of the British culture
The tuesday in the third week of June Changing of the Guards Impressive and funny Properties Properties of the Royal Family Open for Public Baltimore Castle Sandringham House Kensington Palace Clarence House Windsor Castle Buckingham Palace Queen Elizabeth II Duke of Edinburgh Sophy Ryes-Jones 1999 Viscount Servent Lady Louise Sarah Ferguson 1986 Beatrice Eugenie 1996 Captain Mark Philip 1973 Peter Philips Zara Philips 1992 Commander Timothy Laurence 1992 Lady Diana Spencer 1981 Camilla 2005 William Henry 1996 2011 Duke of Cambridge Duchess of Cambridge Prince Henry Duke of York Princess Royal Prince of Wales Earl of Wessex Outstanding events Death Lady Diana 1997 - Paris Prince of Wales Diana Camilla Prince Harry First Royal baby for Kate en William George V
First monarch and founder
3th of June 1865
1910 King
Saxe-Coburg Cotha
1936 Edward VIII
23th of June 1894
Grenadier Guards
Wallis Simpson
1972 George VI 14th of December 1895,
Prince Albert
Royal navy, Royal air force
December 1936 King
George Cross
1953 Elizabeth II 21th of April 1926
Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service
Disaster Year
Diamond Jubelee General Role Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State

Role for the nation Constitutional Role: Politics Formal and Ceremonial Roles
Prime Minister
Queen in Parliament:
- Sovereign
- House of Commons
- House of Lords Constitutional Role: Law Symbolic Role
1689 Religious Role Henry VIII
Scottish Church
'Defender of the Faith and
Supreme Governor of the
Church of England'
Relation between Church
and Royal house
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