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The Declaration of Independence

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence
Natural rights & social contract
Natural rights is the rights to life, property, and liberty. The colonist looked at Locke's work and used it to express what the colonist wanted that England did not let them have.

Social contract is what the colonist wanted and an agreement for your speech.
Limited Government and Separation of Power
Checks and balances
The English bill of rights talks about how the crown lays down limits on the powers and sets the right of Parliament, including the requirement for regular parliaments, free elections, and freedom of speech.

Limited the power of the King and protected certain rights for the nobles. The nobility was powerful enough to force King John to sing the Magna Carta.
The deceleration of independence
The fundamental document establishing the United States as a nation, adopted on July 4, 1776. The declaration was ordered and approved by the Continental Congress and written largely by Thomas Jefferson.
The act of not letting one branch of Government get to powerful. A Government that has been limited in power by constitution or writing it.

Montesquieu studied the laws, customs, and the Governments of the European countries to see how they created and enforced law. Then they separated into three parts and he called it Separation of powers.
Montesquieu wanted the government to be separated into three equal parts that all took a roll in government. and wanted all of them to not become over power and this is called checks and balances.
The English bill of rights
Magna Carta
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