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Project 4.4.2Project 4.4.2: Heart Disease Interventions

Group: Cyanna Rosa, Nimr Assaf, Preeti Juturu

Preeti Juturu

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Project 4.4.2Project 4.4.2: Heart Disease Interventions

Project 4.4.2
by Cyanna Rosa, Preeti Juturu, Nimr Assaf
Patient #4 – Ramon Jordana
High cholesterol
Is overweight
Is genetically susceptible to cardiac arrest

Conclusion: He has Metabolic syndrome
Our goal for Ramon is for him to lose weight and at the same time be able to increase HDL levels if possible
after a week of eating right and his basketball practice, we should require a weight test and possibly a weekly cholesterol test (if needed the cholesterol test would need to be once every two weeks to help the patient financially).
Ramon is a 60 year old social worker who spends most of his days counseling troubled youth. Ramon has been in a wheelchair since a bad car accident when he was 18 years old. He takes a daily aspirin and even though his doctor recommended cholesterol-lowering medications on more than one occasion, he has chosen to target his cholesterol with diet and exercise. He eats plenty of whole grains and limits saturated fats. He joined a wheelchair basketball league and is enjoying getting back into sports. Ramon has one sister who had angioplasty and a stent at age 62 and a brother who died of a massive heart attack at age 58. Both of Ramon’s parents are still alive. Ramon occasionally smokes a pipe, but he has never tried cigarettes.
About Ramon:
More Medical Information:
What is Wrong?
Ramon has:
Lifestyle Modifications:
Physical activity can help reduce weight and increase HDL
With him being in a wheelchair, joining the basketball team should be able to get the most physical activity needed
Choose better fats- meaning instead of butter, use olive oil
Alcohol should be little and if possible not any
He should not smoke at all
What Should He Do?
Stop smoking the pipe
Lose weight by being completely involved in the basketball team
Lower his cholesterol by eating more HDL products
Be closely monitored because he is genetically susceptible to having a heart attack
What Will WE Do?
He should not be given medication and should just adjust his lifestyle at the moment. He should attempt to do as much exercise as he can, and should eat foods that have little cholesterol. He should be closely monitored, and consult a physical therapist at available times.
End of presentation!
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