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Unit 20 Communication and Technology Uniformed Public Services

No description

Aidan Baird

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Unit 20 Communication and Technology Uniformed Public Services

Unit 20 Uniformed Public Services
The benefits of using technological equipment is varied and very large. Things such as the Rapier that makes use of a large range of technological advancements, The Rapier contains the “Blind fire Radar” This allows for all weather use. This significantly improves the Rapier as it can now be used 24/7 throughout almost all types of weather. The Rapier can also become a static air defense unit by the addition of the M113 armored personnel carrier. But since the earlier 1990s the rapier has been discontinued and the Star Streak (missile) has since taken its place. It is also referred to as the "MANPADS" short for the Man-portable air defense system. Technological equipment benefits the Public Services greatly as it's much greater than most if not all non-technological pieces of equipment. even conventional equipment is often used along side technological equipment if it's not completely replaced as it is generally more efficient and simple.
M3 Explain in detail the benefits of using technological equipment in a selected uniformed public service.
The Rapier

The Rapier is the British Armies short ranged anti-aircraft equipment, it can do various things like be transported via a chinook or mounted whilst still being active on the back of a vehicle, it has an all-weather capable blind fire radar but requires direst line of sight to track an object.

P4 Describe different types of technological equipment used by a selected uniformed public service.
AM/FM are either amplitude modulation or frequency modulation, AM radios are often carried by their strength alongside a carrier wave that are taken away to attempt to make the sound clearer, generally AM is clouded with distortion and poor quality due to the signal being very varied. FM is a series of 1s and 0s this means that after you’ve taken away the carrier signal you’ll be left with something close to either one or zero and you then round. FM is the more commonly used of the two and if generally very good due to its long range and accessibility but it’s downfall is that it may still be distorted with interference causing noise.

This form of communication is generally very expensive but very reliable and should have signal so long as you are not underground or in an area that would bloke a signal. It is known for modern satellite phones to be very sophisticated, well sized and very reliable however expensive both purchase and use of them are.

HAM Radio
The HAM radio is a rather large piece of equipment, they require a licence in order to use them legally using the AM broadcast band then ranging to the microwave, Give their own dedicated radio band for ham radios. Advantages are that during natural disasters it’s generally useable, other than the radio and licence it’s free, it’s diverse in the range of people using it. However, it’s downfalls are that Your radio might not be able to reach all over the world without a better antenna and You won’t be able to call a specific station unless you have already scheduled the meeting.

M2 Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different communication systems.
M1 Compare different types of radio communication systems.
P1-Describe different types of formal written communication used in the uniformed public services.
AM and FM are one of the oldest forms of radio communication whereas Satellite communications are fairly new. Satellite radio communicates through pinging messages back from satellites but the two modular forms of communication use the frequency or amplitude of a given signal in order to send a message. Both of these are normally very well sized and moveable but a satellite radio is generally pocket size or fizzed into cars where as a general AM FM radio is best left stationary to work.
Satellite radio can be used for communication with satellite phones but AM FM radios are generally one way receivers with large transmitters.
A Ham Radio is generally seen as an amateur’s or Hobbyist’s radio, AM and FM radios are a general form of communication for public radio. A HAM radio is often a stationary and large radio whereas a modern AM FM receivers are very mobile in comparison but still require to be stationary in use.
Satellite radios are sizeable and modern generally with better utility and reliability and HAM radios generally are a more social tool allowing distant people to converse and satellite communication is often very expensive so it’s often used for emergency situations.
The Apache

It can be used for a varied amount of tasks such as reconnaissance or its main purpose being an attack helicopter, it can both target and destroy 256 targets in less than 5 minutes, with a range of five miles, not requiring line of sight but laser illumination it can destroy targets.

The “Land Rover Battlefield Ambulance”

It is an armored casualty carrier capable of carrying four stretcher-ed casualties and six seated with a speed of 160km/h. it is fit to quickly reach casualties and has medical facilities inside to treat casualties

D1 Evaluate the importance of using communication and technological equipment in the daily operation of uniformed public services.
The use of communication and technological equipment is paramount to success in most occasions with in daily operations, as with communication you can't properly operate with in a team cohesively. Communication in all of it's forms allows for the information to be past from point to point, technology greatmproves the speed in which it is passed along, over great distances reliablely and quickly. This greatly improves things such as response times for the Abmulance services and other related services that need to get to a location quickly.

Other equipments that is of great importance is transportation, varrying from road, air and water transportation. Once intelligence is gathered in most occasions urgent and quick response will be required. The technological equipement mainly in water and air transport greatly improves response times in occasions such as mountain rescues of which generally require a lot of communication and information, from making mountain rescue aware of the incident, rescuing them and then treating any casualties. Without such technology tasks like mountain rescue would be near enough to impossible to do in a timely fashion. Without it every single stage would be much slower as today it has become the back bone of every good operation.

Certain technology like mobile breathalysers make it much easier to tell if a person is drunk, these have done strides in decreasing the drunk driving rate and public intoxication rates. and are very important towards keeping it up. Air wave is a well used form of communication, it is used by services such as the police for their short/ medium range communication, it is good as it is clear and fast, but it is generally used in a one way communication so only one can talk at a time. But it is very important toward successful cohesion and completion of a task encompassing a group.

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