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Digital Literacy

No description

Natasha Arakcheeva

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy
The ins and outs
Yolo: You only live once
Lol: Laugh out loud
Omg: Oh my g-d
Rofl: Rolling on floor laughing
Ty: Thank you ( or an abbreviation of Tyler )
Hashtag: #
Digitally native: Living in the age of social media and computers
Admin: A protector of the site you are on, an equivalent of staff in a restaurant or a security guard
Ikr: I know right
Ad: Advertisement
Blog: A regularly updated website or web page about a certain thing.
U: You
R: Are
2: To
Protection from
You shouldn't have to deal with things like that, so fight back! Tell someone you trust, or if its serious ( as in death threats, I don't mean them saying you're stupid) report them! Block them! Do anything the site allows you to, that keeps their messages away! Don't make like a tree. Make like a seagull and scream it out to the world.
So what is it?
Its more than just writing on a computer...
Digital literacy includes:
-skilled accessing
-evaluation of results
-protection from cyberbullying
-and a lot more, so how about we just dive straight in?

Skilled accessing
This is basically how you can assess something. For example, how to write a review for trip-adviser, or a cooking
. You need to consider all the factors including cleanliness, politeness of staff, food quality, etc. The same for sites. You need to consider
quality, information quality, polite
, etc.
Nobody likes being bullied. Having to deal with people teasing you because... reasons. Why do they do it? Why does nobody help? Even if its just making a "funny" joke about your friend, they may not like it. Would you?
thngmjgs tht tll u wt ur sppsd 2 do
Thingamajigs that tell you what you're supposed to do
Do you understand the meanings of :
(not the abbreviation for Tyler),
? If so you understand the language of youth. Otherwise known as you being
digitally native
. You were born in the age of
's, giving you the chance to learn what they mean, and probably use them in everyday life
In school we did a survey on what teenagers today know about digital literacy, for example, what a blog was, which social networking sites they had, etc. Many more of them new how to use computers and apps effectively than didn't. This shows that teens today are much more digitally native than 50 years ago. Many more used YouTube than hung out with friends, and many more played video games than read books.
My conclusion is that more young people now use computers than about 20 years ago. We now take it for granted that when we move the mouse forwards it goes up on the screen, and that we have YouTube now. And this just goes to say...

We are digitally native. Be happy. : - )
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