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Sand Mountain

No description

ugochi ubbaonu

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain
Sand Mountain is located in California, Nevada.

Sand Mountain are just big and beatiful sand dunes.
The Sand mountain is 2 miles long, 1 mile wide, and 600 feet high.
The Sand Mountain is really just a glacier not a ice glacier a sand glacier.
In order to have a nice cool walk on the Sand Mountain you have to wake up early in the morning. Unless the sand will be real hot.
In order for you to hear the beatiful sand dune sing you must reach the top crest and then slide on it's face.
Most scientist say that what makes the sand sing is when it vibrates.
Cool fact :)
The Sand Mountain was built by sediment because of the very strong wind. It's still sand dunes and its like a strong fan.
Awesome fact :);)
The Sand Mountain is one of the largest sand mountain located in georgia.
Sad fact :(:(
The sand was so big that there is a dead buried body in the sand.
Thanks for watching :)
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