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Prezi for ORATE

iPad Presentation for Teacher Educator Conference

Shawn Daley

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezi for ORATE

A Bite of the Apple:
Experiences of the
Concordia iPad Pilot

ORATE Conference
February 22, 2013
Dean Joe Mannion
Dr. Sheryl Reinisch
Prof. Shawn Daley Program Overview

iPad Distribution:

Faculty and Elementary MAT Cohort -- January 2012 (iPad2)

All MAT Programs -- June 2012 (iPad 3)

All Undergraduate Programs -- Tentatively August 2013 (?...) Training

Staff -- Initial Orientation Sessions/Ongoing Monthly Trainings

Students -- Initial Orientation and In-Class Demonstration Presentation Format:

From the Dean's Perspective: Joe

iPads and Elementary Program: Sheryl

Secondary Program/Results: Shawn Evaluations/Check-Ins

Faculty/Staff Surveys: June/September

Student Surveys:
October/February Program Rationale

Shifting Emphasis of COE
Supports Other Objectives Working with Apple Costs? Lease or Buy? All faculty or some?

Staff? Takeaways ECE and iPads "No computer ever wrapped its arms around a child." iPad in MAT Elementary Courses App Critiques iPads and the
Secondary Program Phase 1:
iPads for all

Phase 2:
Content-Based July - January, FY 2012 -- 25,704

July - January, FY 2013 -- 7, 317

Savings of nearly 18,000...
and trees... Pilot Survey Results - Faculty - 6/12 and 10/12 Survey Results -- Teacher Candidates - 9/12 and 2/13 Next Steps 90% felt student use was exemplary
67% felt iPad became indispensable to them
Slim majority used to go paperless
Most common apps: Common Core, Dropbox, Safari

Faculty requested more project-based training 70% use it in their weekly instruction
(50% use it daily)
65% of CTs were "thrilled" candidates
had and could use/teach iPads
Only 35% felt they were giving students
enough iPad experience CT Survey in May, final faculty,
student surveys
Next trainings on project-based
learning (faculty)and getting more
students to use in clinical experience
(teacher candidates) Questions?

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