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Artificial Intelligence Drone:

No description

Valmiki Kothare

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Artificial Intelligence Drone:

Invention Project

Artificial Intelligence Drone:
The Logica AI-13

By: Patrick Jeffery, Valmiki Kothare, Joseph Webber, , Zack Whitaker
Target Audience
The target audience is all people, but when personal assistance is concerned, we will want to focus our efforts towards getting this product to the elderly, as this will be the majority of the company’s business. Due to the fact that, as people age, they find they have a greater need for assistance at home, an AI-13 is a logical and, in the long run, an economically viable option for those in need of personal assistance

Patent Research
In order to design and construct this product, our team will need to consult engineers and software programmers to create the design of the product as well as to program the AI aspect of the drone, respectively. We will need to consult investors in order to obtain funding to finance the production of the AI-13. We will also need to consult marketers to help effectively advertise our product. Moreover, we will need to consult the general public in order to gather advice regarding the specific functions that people would find useful in the drone.

Because of the intellectual nature of this product, we have named our company
. The name of the product itself is the AI-13 Drone. Our product serves the purpose of being readily available to carry out any task. Because it has been integrated to utilize artificial intelligence (AI), it can execute almost any job, from the simple yet necessary chore of personal assistance to the vitally important mission of repairing space crafts. This drone is very versatile, allowing for a multitude of uses and jobs it can carry out

This is a drone produced by another company that
wishes to use as a basis for the visual design of the AI-13
There are many drones on the market, but none like the AI-13. There have been no drones previously on the market (AI or not) because this technology is relatively new. There have, however, been robots that have been said to have AI technology, but in reality, only have the capability to react to what they have been programmed to react to. The AI-13 has been innovated to include true AI technology, allowing it to respond to voice command and make decisions based on non-programmed situations, differentiating it from any robotic product on the market.

Here is a drone similar to the AI-13, but without AI technology
The AI-13 will be marketed primarily through convenience stores such as Wal-Mart and Target to be more readily available to the public and to the elderly. This is where most of our business will be focused. We will try to open
stores once new products are created so that people can have hands-on experiences with our products, which will boost consumption through advertising. Also, we are planning to use our own website as well as other sites such as Amazon to sell our drone to more tech savvy people who want to use the drone for other purposes. To better advertise the product, television commercials will be introduced as well as online advertisements to reach a wider spectrum of audiences.

The AI-13 will be packaged in a box which will be properly padded and secured on the inside for the safety of the expensive hardware of the drone. The outside of the box will be made of rigid cardboard so that it cannot be damaged during delivery. The design of the box will have a picture of the drone itself as well as a modern, technological look to it to further emphasize the technology that went into building such a product.
would like to use this box design as a basis for our own, as it brings out the technology of the AI-13
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