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The Respiratory System - Gaseous Exchange

BTEC PE presentation on Gaseous Exchange

Allan Browne

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of The Respiratory System - Gaseous Exchange

The Respiratory System
Describe the structure and function of the respiratory system (P6)

Explain how the cardiovascular and respiratory systems work together to supply the body with oxygen (M3).
Complete the word search on the STRUCTURE of the respiratory system.
Think about when the cardiovascular system and respiratory system may work together?
Video and discussion
Gaseous Exchange
Turn to the back of your work sheets and answer the short test questions.
Lesson Objective
Air enters the trachea to move towards the lungs, it divides into two branches called the bronchi/bronchus.

These divide into smaller tubes called the bronchioles.

At the end of these are alveoli.

These are air sacs with mini blood vessels called capillaries running from them.
Gaseous Exchange
Design a poster explaining what happens during gaseous exchange.

Extension Task
Read page 106 and find out what tidal volume, vital capacity and residual volume are.
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