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Copy of life cycle of a Jackson Chameleon

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Raychel Pederson

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of life cycle of a Jackson Chameleon

Pictures Death Birth Growth Development Reproduction The Female Chameleon is sexually mature when they are 7-12 months old. The males show off their bright colors and large horns to pick a mate. All of the Jackson Chameleons give about 20-30 offspring per brood. The babies are actually incubated in a soft-shell membrane inside the mother as opposed to being laid in the ground in an egg. They usually wait 7-9 months before giving birth to the first brood and another brood will be born 3 months later. The chameleon usally dies of natural causes. But some of their predators like to end their life short. Anything smaller than a lion or bigger than a gerbil thinks this animal as a yummy snack. If their camouflage doesn't work they usually will be eaten by rats when they are little, but usually lots of birds like to eat them and snakes. Jackson Chameleon Unlike other chameleons this species
gives live birth. Other Chameleons are
called oviparous which means they lay
eggs. But the Jackson Chameleon is a ovoviviparous, which is when the eggs are hatched within the body of the parent. When they are born they are first a brown color, then four months later they turn bright green. They live their life in the tree tops and bushes in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. When the young chameleon grows up only the males grow the three horns. They use these horns to fend of predators or to fight for females and food. But when they are first born they only eat small bugs. When they are fully grown they can get as big as 9-13 inches long. Their tongue can get as big as 1 1/2 feet long. They use this tongue to catch bugs. For their life in the trees they have four toes, two on each side. When the chameleons are first born
they only get a small amount of help
from their parents to get started on
their own. The Jackson Chameleon is
also a popular pet. Many people keep
them captive and breed them. Chamaeleo Jacksonii
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