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Quick tutorial for students learning to use Garageband.

Delynne West

on 30 July 2012

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Transcript of Garageband

Garageband Start a new project Name it and Save it!
Use your first initial and last name.
Save it to the desktop. Now what do I do? Add a track! There are three ways - at the top, click on track. At the bottom, click on the plus sign. Or just drag a loop over and a track will add automatically. Select Software track unless you plan on recording your voice. Now for the fun part! Browse the loops. If you know what you want, type it in the search bar at the bottom. After you browse a certain family or style, you will have to use the reset button to listen to other instruments. If you can't see the loops, click on the eyeball in the bottom right corner.. Click and drag the loops you like to the track. You can also just click and drag a loop below the track and it will add a track for you. Set your viewer to show measures. Your loops will line up easier. This is in the middle of the bottom of the screen. How do I hear it? At the bottom are the controls for rewind, play, pause, and fast forward. Just click play to hear. You can also press your space bar to stop and start the music. The music will begin wherever the red line is. To get the red line to the beginning simply click on the first rewind button. Choose loops to arrange your own song. Use Podcast if you are recording speech.
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