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Educational Technology in Romania

No description

Marta Darvasi

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Educational Technology in Romania

Educational technology in Romania by Márta Darvasi
LET master's programme
2012 1990 2007 2000 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 2012 1989 Romania Together with a colleague think of two things that come to your mind about it "Historical minorities":
Saxons -0.28% Revolution Programming
lessons funding for computer acquisition RoEduNet 1993 academic data communication infrastructure Institute for Education Sciences, with the UNESCO support - equipments for 6 school labs, 2 disseminating conferences Project funded by the Soros Foundation 4 million USD-> 314 schools were equipped with IT labs, teachers were trained to use UNIX, Satellite antennas were set up for communication between schools in four main cities private initiative-companies: Procter&Gamble, IBM, ProTV (local television) and Save the Children Foundation from access to content European programmes such as Socrates-Minerva, eLearning, eContentplus, FP5, FP6 etc. in partnership with
institutions from other European countries. shifting from the access to technology (equipping schools with ICT tools) to the access to quality eContent and to virtual learning 2005 Educational softwares- tools that should be used research paper about implementing educational technologies in schools; contains concrete steps and recommendations (Marcu et al 2001) 2001 SEI
IT-based educational system ICTs for administrative purposes 2003 Teachers' training in educational technologies Entered the EU Article about history of ICTin Romania on www.elearningeuropa.info 2008 Information and Communication Technology Subject compulsory in schools cuts in budget for education and research 6% of GDP 1.16% of GDP 1.03% of GDP 3.64% of GDP Newspaper article: Schools without internet/computers (romaniacurata.ro) Online Grade Catalogue 2009 2011 Technophobic Professors and Student Geeks (Tirban et al 2012) “Take Part Too" project My school >400 year tradition Hungarian 4 computer rooms projectors urban environment better funded simulating softwares University ~48000 students 1130 computers 42.4 students/computer Finnish department online community and support salatut elämät project power point presentations
=> 3 courses conclusions funding decreased big divide between village and city priority: plumbing and heating in schools where to? teacher training put to use the computers at home 2004 British Council and the Gallup Romania study showed that in urban societies 97% of the students used computers educational technologies master in Bucharest trains informatics teachers programming teaching of computer use content not developed Thank you! All websites were accessed on 20.09.2012

Delors, J. (2001). Direcţii de restructurare a realităţii educaţionale la începutul acestui mileniu Introducerea unor noi tipuri de educaţie. Retrieved from http://www.1educat.ro/resurse/software_educational/tehnologii_in_educatie.pdf

Istrate, O. (2007). eLearning in Romania : the State of the Art, (September), 1–16. Retrieved from http://www.elearningeuropa.info/files/media/media13566.pdf

Ţirban, N., Rebeca, L., Stiegelbauer, P., & Milancovici, S. S. (2012). Are Still There Technophobic Professors and Student Computer Geeks in Romania ?, 33, 135–139. Retrieved from http://www.ipedr.com/vol33/027-ICLMC2012-L10031.pdf








http://www.pmb.ro/primarul/prioritati_proiecte/reabilitarea_infra_ed/reabilitarea_infrastructurii_educationale.php Sources
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