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Imagery, Mood and Tone

No description

Katie Plaia

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Imagery, Mood and Tone

Form of Figurative Language
Examples of Imagery
The crisp air was refreshing.
Emotional atmosphere of a piece of writing
The AUTHOR'S attitude
Listen to the story.....
After Listening....
What images formed in your mind while you listened to the story?
Imagery, Mood and Tone
What is Imagery?
Appeals to the five senses
Makes the reader or listener feel something
The aroma of cinnamon and melted butter filled the kitchen.
The ocean roared as the storm approached the shore.
How the READER Feels
Happy, depressed, inspired
NOT explicit in the text
bitter, playful, haunting
What is the mood?
What is the tone?
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