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Famous People in the Middle Colonies

No description

Carina Romano

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Famous People in the Middle Colonies

Famous People in the Middle Colonies James the Duke of York Founder of the New York Colony William Penn Founder of Pennsylvania Followed Quaker religion King Charles II gave Penn land Penn made it a religious refuge for Quakers Delaware Peter Minuit Founder of Delaware Bought Manhattan for $24 Sir George Carteret
Lord John Berkley Founders of New Jersey The End :) New Jersey William Paterson attorney general "New Jersey Plan" "Father of the United States Senate" New York Alexander Hamilton lived in poverty Became an supporter for American Independence Named captain of the New York Artillery Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin John Dickinson privileged upbringing Pennsylvania Assembly President of Delaware Didn't want to break from Britain President of Pennsylvania Declaration of Independence Refused to sign
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