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The possible story of the projects and experiences faced during the studies, and their "human" consequences. In the background, Van Gogh's "Night Café", a place as common as ideal to let the words flow - to communicate.

chiara migliardi

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of C.M.

Complex Digital Projects at University
WHERE: Olympic Winter Turin Games 2006.

EMPLOYER: Tobo (Turin Olympic Broadcasting Organization), American Organization for Big Events.

ROLE: Logistic Assistant. Managing the daily logistics needs.
...as well as to act independently if needed and take my own decisions
Used to work in team...
Research Experiences
Deep Curiosity
WHERE: European Office, E-Learning Office and English Exams Office.

EMPLOYER: Polytechnic of Turin (university paid collaboration).

ROLE: Website management of the office, front-office activities.
Chiara Migliardi
WHERE: Research and Innovation Technology Center RAI

GOAL/MY ROLE: Set-up and manage a survey on a students panel to experiment DVB-H standard on Nokia Phone Prototype.
Results of the research and part of my thesis where used to define new contents for mobile-TV and published on specialized Telecommunication Journal.
WHERE: Italian Consulate of Philadelphia, in US, Philadelphia*.

GOAL/MY ROLE: Set-up and manage didactic database of the Italian Consulate.

* Selected for the MAE-CRUI Internship out of candidates from all over Italy.
Work Environments
WHERE: Boston, Harvard University for an interview.

GOAL: meet Professor Richard Caves for my Graduate Thesis on the Creative Industries in Italy. The interview became a video that enriched my thesis presentation.
Thank you for your attention!
Developing Ideas and Awards
Participation to events, fairs and several projects to develop an idea.

Ie. Development of Polimedia, the Polytechnic's TV during the Turin Book Fair.
Selected as Talents for Entrepreneurship (out of 800+ candidates) by CRT Foundation to attend a special lessons on how to better develop a startup.
Communication, Accounting and PR
COMPANY: Edelman.

ROLE: Assistant Account Executive in the Tech Area.

ACTIVITIES: Media Relations, Preparation and Distribution of Press Materials, Support in Organizing Press Events.
COMPANY: RCS MediaGroup - Digital Ventures

ROLE: Business Analyst

ACTIVITIES: Start-up Analysis, Benchmarking, Projects Presentation to the internal areas of the company, Agencies coordination to develop projects
Business Analysis
Marketing and Advertising
COMPANY: RCS MediaGroup - Corriere.it.

ROLE: Marketing Assistant.

ACTIVITIES: Benchmarking, Support in Adv and Marketing Campaigns planning, Newsletters, Channels development .
COMPANY: RCS MediaGroup - Twigis.it.

ROLE: Content and Marketing Manager.

ACTIVITIES: Content and Marketing strategies, Social media Planning, Platform optimization.
COMPANY: RCS MediaGroup - RCS Studio.

ROLE: Special Adv Digital Projects Manager.

ACTIVITIES: Inception, delivery and results presentation of online contests, native advertising, special mini-websites.
Collected several experiences, but I am always eager to learn new things
WHERE: Politecnico di Torino.

GOAL: One year and half researching and digging into the creative professions.
Being able to act like a "bridge" between different kind of people.
Facing the subject, no matter how challenging it could appears at the beginning
I keep in mind the possible constraints of a project and be prepared to obstacles
that could appear.
GOAL: Think how to better use "Cave" Technology.

TEAM ACTIVITIES: we re-created a concert experience.The team's tasks included video shooting of Festivalbar concert, 3D animation, sound and video editing, explanation document to show the project and ideas behind.

MY ROLE: manage the team, coordinate shooting and editing days, writing presentation document and clarify concept behind the idea, present it.
GOAL: Think and create a digital project that talks about a Innovation in a sector. We chose to talk about Innovation in Information and Journalism.

TEAM ACTIVITIES: we decided to create a short documentary on the subject. Tasks included large research on movies, papers and material on the subject, original video shooting, video and audio editing, paper on the project and that fully explain the Innovation on Journalism.

MY ROLE: manage and planning team activities, writing of the screenplay, acting on the video as a journalist, writing of the entire document with concept and theories on which the video was based.

Here the full video (Italian)
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