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3D TV and 3D movie

No description

Chiaki Chushi

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of 3D TV and 3D movie

3D TV enjoy better than 3D movie! 3D TV Movie reference What is 3D? 3D movie can not stop in the theater. So you go out and overlook some movies. function feature significant 3D is three-dimensional. This is the brain have illusion
by watching each image of
right and left with 3D glasses[1]. System of 3D TV System of 3D movie 3D TV displays 3D images with 3D glasses in the house. 3D TV have images
for the left eye and right eye
on screen at the same time[2]. 3D movie displays 3D images with 3D glasses in the theater. The right and the left images alternated for 3D movie[2]. 3D TV and 3D movie make 3D images using the illusion of the brain from 2D [1]. 3D TV can display 2D and 3D with remote control.
But 3D movie can watch only 3D[3]. [3]“BRAVIA”(in Japanese), sony network, last accessed 20 Dec 2012, http://www.sony.jp/bravia/3d/3dbravia/. [1]Takayuki Ohguchi,”The third of the three-dimensional 3D movie ”(in Japanese), 2008, last accessed 20 Dec 2012, http://eiga.com/extra/oguchi/3/. [2]Takayuki Ohguchi, ”The first of the three-dimensional 3D movie ”(in Japanese), 2008 , last accessed 20 Dec 2012, http://eiga.com/extra/oguchi/9/. 3D glasses is very heavy[2].
So you with it for long time will make their ears burn, headache and so on. It comes out in 2013 that 3D TV to be able to watch 3D images without glasses. You may make pain in a head when you are watching 3D for a long time. Moreover when you watch 3D for many hours, you may feel having stopped by to a car. I do not recommend the both thing if you watch them for a long time. Otherwise her health may broke down. Let's sometimes rest eyes! If you have headache... 3D TV can stop 3D image
with the remote controller. 3D TV don' t
overlook some movies!
Therefore you can enjoy 3D TV. Thank you b1012136
Chiaki Chushi You will be less ache!
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