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Welcome to Our Elementary Art Class!!

A little intro to who I am, what we are all going to do, and how we can make this class a wonderful place to grow!

Amanda Kirkman

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Our Elementary Art Class!!

Welcome Artists! I'M Ms. FRY! The 5 "Must Haves" of our Classroom I know...
more boring
stuff. Entering the
Classroom... When you're gone... When you gotta go... Must Have a GOOD
ATTITUDE! Must Have PASSION! Must Have a
CREATIVE SPIRIT! Must Have CONFIDENCE! Some stuff about me... Where did I come
from? What I like to do... Welcome to Art! I LOVE Art! I like to make ART, especially PAINTING! Believe in yourself and believe in others!
Let me know you are breathing! You have
a voice, use it!
So... how can we be confident??
Be Original, which means
One-Of-A-Kind (I KNOW you all are)!
Be like ninjas, super quiet and quick! I'm always sad when someone's gone,
because I want you all to be here, but
sometimes stuff happens and you can't
make it. so whenever you are sick or
had to be gone for a day, let me know
so I can help you catch-up.
I have a nifty little bathroom
break pass for you to use
whenever you need to go.
A. Ask me first
B. Only one can go at a time
C. No lolly-gagging Ms. Fry will pick
the music we listen to . Be Seated Clean Up! Be Quiet Use them if you want to survive! Let's say, our class is like a hiking trip...
You will need to pack these 5 things along
in order to make it through! Oh yeah,
did I mention I like hiking?! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. But oh is it important! I'm very EXCITED to see how
we will all GROW
in the wonderful visual
language of ART!

Must Have RESPECT! This means respect of others (yup,
that means Ms. Fry, too), the
classroom, the materials, other pieces
of artwork, and yourself!! Use your powers for GOOD, not EVIL! Participate! Share Ideas! Be the inspiring
ARTISTS you all are!! Help others! Put everything you've got into this
class and see how AWESOME you can
be! Be ready to work hard and do
your best!
Use your IMAGINATION! Think up
new and creative
ideas! If you're crabby and having a
bad day, don't take it out on
everyone else. Don't be a
negative Nancy or Ned.
Be POSITIVE! Don't rain
on our parade. Say kind
and helpful things! My name is Ms. Fry...
Just like a french fry! That's why I wanted to become a art teacher so I can help students like you make art too! I like to RUN long distances I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, too! I love spending time in the great outdoors! I grew up in a small town
called Plainview in
Minnesota There's lots of corn, lots of
cows, and lots of tractors! Gather around the front table and
wait patiently for everyone to arrive
and then I will begin the class. Also, BE READY TO LISTEN!! I'm here to HELP! Handing
in Work... How to Leave
the Room... make it look better
than you found it! Be seated and be still.
This is when you wait for
Ms. Fry to call your table
name so you can line up
at the door. Ms. Fry will call on the
quietest, cleanest table
to line up at the door first.
Do the Mona... You know the Mona Lisa by
Leonardo DaVinci, right?
Well you will! We are going to
act just like her when we are lined up at the door.
Nice smile, still hands, and
quiet. Put your name and class on your
artwork Hand in your work by the due-date.
I will give you a one-day second
chance to hand it in. http://www.bestplaces.net all images of art are from http://www.artcyclopedia.com If we work together, we
can learn so much! This
class is going to be great, I
know it! Let's make it possible by
knocking people's socks off with our
great behavior, positive attitudes, and
fantastic art!
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