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Vector International (Malaysia)

Company Profile

Cheik Chiew

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Vector International (Malaysia)

Vector International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd GuardSys HomeSys ParkSys RetailSys VI Integrated Services Vector Distribution Vector Advance System Modules ParkSys Entry/ Exit ParkSys AutoPay PRODUCTS Technology Open Tickets: SmartCards, Barcode, Magnetic Strip, Hybrid
TCP/ IP - Fully Networked based
Optional Video Inputs for photos to be tagged to each transactions (up to 4 CCTV cameras per device). Support IP Based CCTV Cameras too
Real-time communication back to server
Server with RAID and redundancy option
Built-in Digital Microphone + Speaker for Intercom, configurable to connect to any ParkSys device on the network
Single or Double Dispenser
Built-in Access Control System (optional)
Fully customized housing option, e.g. colours, materials.
Remote Payment
Server Embedded Web Server
Diagnostic Screen for Realtime monitoring of all ParkSys device on the network
Status, Ticket low, Temperature high, etc.
Remote Payment – For building tenants to pay on behalf, e.g. F&B outlets, Cinemas, etc.
Reporting – Transaction Reports
Reporting – Analytical Reports Parking Guidance Guidance enable users to find parking lots easier
Reduced operating cost
Comprehensive management statistics
Better utilization of parking lots
Avoidance of traffic jam, delay
Enhance customer satisfaction
Zone Control for Energy Management
Lighting Control
Barrier Control
Exhaust Fans Control
Illegal Parking Management
Season Bay
Non-Parking Area
Car Bay Indication System (Car Finder)
THE END CMS VMS ANPR VVD Access Control GuardTour DVR Central Monitoring System
Alarm Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring
Medical Equipment Monitoring
Health Diagnostic Check
Emergency Notification
SMS/ MMS Notification Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
International Number Plates (One or Multiple)
Container Recognition Visitor Management System
MyKad/ Bar Code/ Passport/ Business Card Integration
Tenant/ Company Management
Visitor/ Contractor Management
Remote Appointment Module
Stale Visitor Module
CCTV + WebCam Module (1 to many)
Direct Integration to Access Control System
Facility (Location) Management System Video/ Voice/ Data Communication
Short Messaging (Proprietory/ SMS/ MMS)
121 (One to One), Broadcasting Mode Digital Video Recording Alarm Integrated/ Intelligent Alarm System
4/ 6/ 8/ 16/ + Alarm Zones
Communication Modules: EIB/ C-Bus/ ZigBee/ Z-Wave
Voice Responce VVD Video/ Voice/ Data Communication
Short Messaging (Proprietory/ SMS/ MMS)
121 (One to One), Broadcasting Mode Web Server Designed for:
Windows/ Linux Based Touch Screen System
Wall Mount/ Handheld
Wifi/ Bluetooth Communication
Apple iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad
Media Centre - Video/ Music/ Sharing
CCTV Encoding & Hosting (Analog & Digital CCTV)
Connection to GuardSys
Calender/ World Clock/ Muslim Prayer Clock
World Weather Forecast
News update
Digital Photo Album Intercom Voice/ Video/ Data Intercom
Unit to/fro Unit (House to House)
Unit to/fro Guard House
Unit to/ fro Management Office
Conference Call
VOIP (Connectivity to Telco, e.g. RedTone)
VOIP (Proprietory) Agenda History of Vector International (Malaysia) S/B
About Vector International
Company Structure
Key Personnel of VIM
History 1984 Vector Systems Pty Ltd (Perth, Australia)
Spin off from Yokogawa Australia
SCADA systems – MacroView
1992 Vector Systems Pty Ltd (Australia)
1996 Vector International Pty Ltd
Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Atlanta - US, London – UK
1997 Vector International (M) management buyout
Implemented more then 1000 projects worldwide
60% of software based SCADA systems in Australia
Hong Kong Octopus Smart Cards
Coca Cola Amatil
Ford USA
Walt Disney Florida
Royal Australian Navy
Vector International Clients (worldwide) Budweiser Brewery (Wuhan, China)
Swan Brewery (Perth, Australia)
Petronas Malaysia
Bangkok Flood Control System
Yale University
United States
Kuala Lumpur
Vector International Clients (worldwide) Australia
Vigate Sdn. Bhd.
Security Barries
Car Parking Equipments
Catche Sdn. Bhd.
Security Consultancy
PT Smart Cards (Indonesia)
Vector International (M) Sdn. Bhd.
VI Integrated Services Sdn. Bhd.
Project Management
Service & Maintenance
Vector Advance Systems Sdn. Bhd.
Hardware & Software R&D
Vector Distributions Sdn. Bhd.
Trading Vector Group of Companies (Malaysia) Security
Building Automation
Home Automation
Hardware/ Software/ Firmware Products Development
Car Park Systems
Service and Maintenance
About Vector International Company Structure Some of VIM Projects Security based projects:
Parcel C & D Security CCTV Systems
Core Island CCTV System
Kastam Malaysia
North Port
South Port
Tanjung Puteri
Tanjung Kupang
Sarawak Electrical Supply Corporation
Remote Security Monitoring System
Khazanah Berhad Corporate Office
Other non-security projects
Port Dickson Sewerage System
Menara Esso – BMS
Menara OCBC – FMS
Bangunan Shell - BMS
KL Tower LED Lightings
Putrajaya - Water Pipeline SCADA
Tawau Water Treatment Plant
Miri Water Treatment Plant
Menara HP – Building Automation System
Building Management System
Central Monitoring System
Visitor Management System
SMS Gateway
Integrated Alarm/ Home Automation Touch Screen Panel
Modular Video Panels
Facility Management System
Automated Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR)
CCTV Web Server
Smart Card Applications
Top Up
Credit/ Debit
Vending Machines
Gate Control
Product Modules
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