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Copy of Boys Culture and School

No description

Ali Carr-Chellman

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Boys Culture and School

Ali Carr-Chellman
Boys, Gaming, and School
Culture: Re-Engaging the
Lost Boy

What are boys like?
What we wish they were like
What are they really like?
Is this a problem?
Why is this happening
Zero tolerance policies
Compressed Curriculum
Lack of men in classroom
What can we do?

Research Team...My work with:
Petner & Vashaw (Teacher views)
Engerman (Mapping OTS)
Wilson (Higher Ed)
How do we use games?
NOT Educational Games
Take them where they are
and change the culture too
PISA Results: Boys in Reading, Girls in Math/Science
Higher Education
What's the problem with games?
Game Culture
School Culture

Change your Classroom for the Better!
Boys & Games...
If you're a boy, you are...
Three times as likely to be:
Expelled, suspended,
in special education, learning
disabled, or emotionally

75-80% of all ADHD medications are given to US boys. Are we medicating them because they are boys?
Violence: Newkirk Misreading
Normal developmental stage
Mixed evidence on impact of violent
video gaming
--undermines classroom dynamics?
--creates more violent actions?
--maintains inequality?
What do boys say? (Engerman)
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