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GTEC Telecommunications Project

No description

Brian Beaty

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of GTEC Telecommunications Project

Telecommunications Project
we're doing:
it matters

Our goals:
we are:

To formulate criteria for comparing different telecommunications programs
To create a testing protocol for uniformity of testing
To evaluate which currently available telecommunications programs are best for international teamwork and collaboration in engineering and education
Our Method:
Some preliminary findings:
Brian and Anastasya
Chris, Kristina, and Vassil
Zach and Zagit
Mike and Mikhail
To resolve
The language barrier
Time zones
Uniformity of testing
Getting meaningful data
Some final thoughts
The Programs
"Google Suite": Drive, Hangouts
Adobe Connect
Tiny Chat
IOCOM Visimeet
Office 365
Cisco WebEx
A team of 7 juniors and seniors from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School
We're partnered with a team of students from Licej Vtoraya Shkola High School in Moscow
The Russian students:
We are testing commercially available online tele-tools to provide recommendations for educators and engineers on the best tools for international collaboration and teamwork.
International collaboration and teamwork depends on quality of connection
Millions of engineers in many companies routinely use various tele-tools in their everyday work
K-12 and college students should learn how to use these tools to communicate with their peers across country lines
Can you hear the other person?
Is the audio consistent throughout the call?
How well can you understand a music file that is played by your partner over their microphone?
How well can you understand sentences spoken by your partner?
What camera are you using?
When your partner holds up a printed photograph to his camera, how many details can you see?
When your partner holds up a printed Spongebob cartoon, are the colors distinguishable?
When your partner holds up a printed Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, how sharp are the lines?
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
Are documents editable online and in real time?
Can you chat while editing?
Can you view revision history?
Is storage free?
How much storage is available?
Some general criteria:
Is the user interface easy to use?
How long did it take you to understand how to use the software?
Is it comprehensive enough to fit our needs?
Is it compatible across platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.?
Part of our testing report form:
We began by collective brainstorming with Russian partners to create criteria in the testing protocol
We conducted about ten teleconferences via Skype to agree upon these criteria
We selected video and audio material to ensure uniform testing
Then we did the testing!
each other's
(technical difficulties...)
Jamie and Nikita
Useful for collaboratively developing a document with the ability of sharing files and chatting
Although there are features such as recording and uploading conferences, it offers no outstanding features
IOCOM Visimeet
Visimeet offers several features that are great for large conferencing, but in order to access all of the facets, one of the two paid-premium packages have to be acquired
Google Drive and Google Hangouts:
Combines video conferencing with Google services
Up to 10 people on video at once
Share and edit Google Drive documents right in the hangout
New add-ons are being developed including a Google Hangouts toolbox which extends the basic functions of Google Hangouts
Adobe Connect:
Conferencing tool from Adobe
While this software costs money, the high quality work of Adobe shows through in this product
It is more well suited for the seasoned user of professional grade software since a first time user may have difficulty navigating the interface
Office 365:
Seems to be a great program when we were doing tests, much better than Skype
The quality was much better when we waved a hand in front of the screen (Vassil said it was like I was there with him)
Detail in the pictures is still a little fuzzy, but colors are great
Has document sharing capabilities
A little more challenging to set up (Lync must be installed)
Office 365:
A comprehensive collaboration tool optimized for small businesses
Offers a number of useful services such as video/audio chat with shareable whiteboards, polls, and presentations
Also includes a company website builder and control over employee tasks
Video and audio quality is comparable to Skype, and seems limited only by available hardware
This program is optimized with functionality and customization rather than user-friendliness in mind, and has somewhat of a learning curve
Tiny Chat:
A free-to-use internet chatroom service that allows for multiple people to have video/audio conference calls
Video and audio quality for the free to use service is less than adequate
There are very few extra services or customization ability, although it is very user-friendly
A free-to-use service that allows for the creation of a wiki
There are far better websites that offer free wikis, as WikiDot's wiki-builder is exceptionally bland and hard to navigate, sure to cause plenty of frustration.
Google Drive and Google Hangouts:
A Google+ account is required, although it can be set up with only a few clicks if a Gmail account already exists
Very simple and easy-to-navigate user interface
The many links to Google support pages resolve most questions a newcomer could have
Document editing capabilities in Drive allow for simultaneous editing, chat, and searching of revision history
My camera was not recognized for video chatting on Hangouts, although it worked for Skype
Sound quality during video chats was much better on Hangouts than on Skype
More testing is needed to resolve camera issues
Office 365:
basic interface
Image sharing
Sawyer and Ivan
Meebo: No longer a service
LinkedIn: This service does not within our criteria
Wikispaces: Have not had the opportunity to test. We plan to utilize this space as a collaborative database.
Matthew and Ivan
Skype: Skype allows you to chat with others through a messenger and with video, but if you want to add more than one person with live video Skype would then require you to pay for their services. Skype also has file sharing.

ooVoo: Is a free chat and multi-video sharing software that allows one to record and upload videos to youtube. It also has free mobile video chat. Along with that theres an option for people to be able to call other people but low cost rates do apply.

Adobe Connect: As a Flash Powered Platform that allows you to create web meetings, courses and virtual classrooms but also cost money. It's available on any mobile device. Attendees of your meetings can stored info in the cloud or on your device; and fully collaborate using whiteboards, chat and polls.
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