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the prince and the pauper

No description

jenna krausman

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of the prince and the pauper

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Personal Evaluation
Main Characters
Tom Canty; a young pauper with no money or food.

Miles Hendon: an adult with great wisdom and care for a poor soul.

Edward Tudor: the prince of Wales and son of King Henry the VIII
There were two boys, a prince and a pauper. They looked the same with no differences. Both boys decided to switch identity's and explore the life of one-another. The royal prince who has everything he ever wanted was introduced to a harmful and painful experience as a pauper.Tom was introduced to a royal and proper treating home, were he could not get whipped and mistreated.
About the Author
Born in Missouri, November 30th 1835.
His dad died from pneumonia.
Grew up in the military.
His father was a lawyer, but not very good at it.
Died on April 21st, 1910
Marks real name is Samuel longhorn Clemens.
The book was published in 1881
The Prince and the Pauper
Minor Characters
Tom Cantys father: A cruel man who whips his whole family each night.

Toms 2 sisters: Sweet, kind girls who would sacrifice there self for Tom.

Grandma: A women who has a grumpy attitude, and will make a few strikes with a whip.

Toms Mother: Just as loving and sweet as his sisters, she gets whipped the worst.
part 2 of the plot
As a fake pauper, Edward passed through many exiting adventures and met many friends.However, if there is ever friends, there will always be foes; and he passed through many of them. Meanwhile, tom learned the wonderful manners and actions of a prince. While all this is happening, will tom grow too fond of the royal life and take over the throne, or will the real prince of wales take back his kingdom?
My total evaluation of this book would probably be a 4/5. This is because at certain points the climax dropped dramatically. It made very boring sections and i easily forgot what i was reading. Though i passed through this, the book still had a good idea and thought process.
By: Mark Twain
Tom Canty
There is a very rich prince
who has a lovely home life;
he is unable to get anyone
to believe him when he states
that he is not a worthless
pauper, but keen to the
throne of his kingdom, who
can he trust?
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