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Roberta Bondar

No description

Roberta Bondar

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Roberta Bondar

Dr.Roberta Bondar
Roberta Lynn Bondar is the first female Canadian astronaut to travel in space. She was also the world's first neurologist to go into space. She was born on December, 4, 1945 in, Marie Ontario. She is currently 68 years old. She got a chance to fly into outer space during January 22 to 30, 1992. Her space mission is STS-42. She spent 8 days 1 hour and 46 minutes in space during her space mission. Roberta is a part of the NASA. She successfully completed her one and only space mission to the moon.
Space Exploration
Roberta Bondar had great education throughout her life. Her dream was to become an astronaut, so she could visit space. She fulfilled her goal through her education. When she was 16 she was interested to be a part of the space program. Roberta won many science competitions in high school. When she grew older, she received numerous degrees in pathology, neurobiology, science, medicine and many more. She was an assistant professor of medicine at McMaster University. She attended countless universities and some of them are University of Toronto, University of Toronto Mississauga, McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, University of Guelph and Brooks Institute. She also obtained a P.H.D in neuroscience. After her years of hard work, she got to explore space. Roberta achieved her dream. Education was one of the reasons for her big success.
Roberta Bondar has many hobbies besides being involved with space. For example, Roberta enjoys photography, writing and she is an extraordinary neurologist. Roberta has also written books, Landscape of Dreams, Passionate Vision, The Arid Edge of Earth and Touching the Earth. Roberta is also a marvelous photographer. She is very involved in photography, she enjoys putting time and effort into taking precious pictures from various parts of the world. Roberta is also a physician which is a more skilled doctor. In conclusion, Roberta is a very busy person who can manage her favorite interest all at once.
In 1992, Roberta contributed in many ways to the development of space exploration. During her mission she analyzed and examined Canadian astronauts for backbone strains and stretching. Even after her mission she maintained this work after her duty as an astronaut. In 1998, Roberta was recognized by the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for her spectacular discovery of numerous space medications. She received countless University degrees and various awards from institutions and associations.
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