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Photography Portfolio

No description

Venetcia Ortiz

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Photography Portfolio

Venetcia Ortiz Photography Portfolio
5/6/13 Peace Portrait Shadows Geometry
of the City Romeo & Juliet Motion Photo Concentration Flag Self-Portrait Flowers Snow Common Object Ad Domestic Violence
Poster Romeo & Juliet Thirteen red and white rivers flowing from a celestial, navy blue sky: a designed cloth that provides opportunities for those that are willing chase after them. The American Flag represents freedom and opportunity. I am granted freedom because of the flag and the Constitution that many men fought for many years ago. America gives its citizens a chance to chase after their dreams. I want to experience the American Dream, which is simply happiness and success. My dream is to own a house, have a career I enjoy, to be able to support my family without money restrictions, and to be blissful. Throughout my life I’ve seen my parents struggle, having multiple jobs, just to have enough money to get by. My dad has been doing so for years and he raised me to become better than him. After I graduate I plan on continuing my education and to strive for success. Opportunities surround us, we just have to reach out and try. I was asked to take something out of my pocket or backpack to take a photograph of. Some people had chap stick, perfume, pens or pencils but I wanted to be unique. I had a glass necklace I had made just recently in my backpack. I like the colors and the clarity of the beads and how the light bounces off and makes it shine. It was interesting to see how the necklace looked in different positions and how the colors glisten. Last year during the art show I sold two other necklaces I created. The beads resemble flowers, leaves and water so it reminds me of nature. I remember naming my set Glass Elegance hence the name I used now. I like how the shine and color make the piece much more appealing. Nature was something I always enjoyed. I am always outside whenever I get the chance whether its fishing, walking, bike riding you name it. So I desided to choose flowers as my concentration. I admire them becaues of their beauty, the joy they bring people, and the extreme variety in types and colors. Also flowers was a great decision because I wouldn't have to travel far to find them. Red is my favorite color so when i was walking down the street the tulip grabbed my attention because that color demands notoriety. The purple flowers are apart of the Rain Garden which was planted by the SMILE Club last year. We visit it every few weeks to maintain the garden as it improves the overall water quality of the Blackstone River. The garden acts as a filter when it rains so when the runoff enters the river it is clean. The iris was a rare find. I was at my aunts house in Mass. and when I went outside I saw them across the street at the boarder of the woods. So I took it upon myself to tell her and long story short I became a landscaper for the day. Also with this project I was able to practice depth of field because I put the camera setting on macro because I would get up close to the flowers and the camera would focus on the flower
bluring the background. My original idea for this project was to take a photograph of a shadow that was casted on a gravestone. The picture would have matched my poster because the information I collected was based on Domestic Violence Deaths in RI. But the weather didn't want to cooperate so I wanted to capture a photograph of someone morning over a loved one who died as a result of domestic violence. Also even though she died her spirit still with him. it was an interesting project because I learned how to use Microsoft Office on the Mac which was a challenge. Our final poster project was based off of the photographs we collected while the thespians were rehearsing for Romeo and Juliet. Automatically I wanted a fight scene for the posted because drama and action draw in a crowd. Again there were many challenges with using Microsoft Office on Mac considering I own a PC laptop and never worked with Macs. I changed the photo to black and white to age the photo while also drawing the attention th the yellow font for information about the play. Also the black and white photo inhances the tranceparent
photos of the lead thespians
creating an appealing poster.
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