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Chapter 16 The Civil War

This Prezi covers vocabulary and main ideas of Chapter 16 of our texbook, The Civil War.

Sam Sicilia

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 16 The Civil War

THE CIVIL WAR Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 The War Begins The Tide of War Turns Daily Life During the War The War in the West The War in the East Fort Sumter Border States Winfield Scott Cotton Diplomacy 7 southern states left the Union He called for 75,000 militiamen

to put down the South's rebellion Britain had large stores of

cotton and got more from

India and Egypt Civilians raised money to aid soldiers

and staffed and supplied emergency

hospitals. Save the Union! Federal post in Charleston, South Carolina, that surrendered to the Confederacy four slave states - Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri - that bordered the North and decided stay in the Union. Union general with a two-part strategy for defeating the Confederacy part 1:
Destroy Southern Economy with a Naval Blockade part 2:
Divide the South by taking control of the Mississippi River Confederate plan to enlist England's aid in return for continued cotton shipments The Anaconda Plan Thomas Stonewall Jackson First & Second
Battle of Bull Run George B. McClellan Robert E. Lee Battle of Antietam Ironclads Ulysses S. Grant Battle of Shiloh David Farragut Siege of Vicksburg emancipation Emancipation Proclamation contrabands Copperheads habeas corpus Clara Barton Battle of Gettysburg George Pickett Gettysburg Address Wilderness Campaign William Tecumseh Sherman Total War Appomattox Courthouse Floating Battery The Floating Battery of Charleston Harbor was an ironclad vessel that was constructed by the Confederacy in early 1861, a few months before the American Civil War ignited. Confederate general who helped fight Union troops at
the First Battle of Bull Run battle near Manassas Junction, Virginia, in 1861. Confederate attack that helped push Union forces out of Virginia battle in Maryland that resulted in Lee’s retreat to Virginia Confederate general during many important battles of the Civil War general sent by President Lincoln to capture Richmond ships that were heavily armored with iron a new idea or way of doing something Innovation Gods and Generals Movie Trailer Union general whose troops won several important battles on southern soil battle in which Union troops gained greater control of the Mississippi River valley naval leader who helped the Union take control of New Orleans six-week blockade of Vicksburg that starved the city into surrender He held a line of Confederate

soldiers while other lines retreated The Confederate capital

was in Virginia, and to protect

Washington D.C. The Union obtained a copy of Robert E. Lee's battle plans, and found out that he was going to attack Harper's Ferry, VA. Union and Confederate troops met in Antietam on their way to Harper's Ferry. They wanted to divide the South in half, and

cut off supplies. Captured by Grant's forces,

and Grant would only

capture Confederate forts Farragut raced his ships

past the two forts under

cover of darkness The geography of

Vicksburg made

attacks difficult The siege starved out the city so that

they were forced to surrender. Divide the Confederacy
Control of Mississippi River could stop Confederate imports/exports
Western Confederate states was the South's food supply Ulysses S. Grant To weaken the South by

freeing the Slaves there Contrabands were escaped slaves, while

others were free African Americans Constitutional protection against

unlawful imprisonment Women took over the work of the men,

and provided medical care for soldiers Lincoln is taking away our rights! We demand due process! Down with the Draft! three-day battle that Confederates lost general who carried out Lee’s orders to charge the Union line disastrous attempt by Pickett’s troops to storm Cemetery Ridge Pickett's Charge speech in which Lincoln renewed his
commitment to winning the war series of battles in which Grant tried to take Richmond Union general who cut a path of destruction across Georgia strategy in which both civilian and military resources are destroyed the place where General Lee surrendered to General Grant the freeing of slaves announcement freeing Confederate slaves constitutional protection against unlawful imprisonment escaped slaves nickname for the Peace Democrats army volunteer whose work became the basis for the American Red Cross Lincoln must save the Union! VS. Lee decided to invade

the North 3 Days The Union won the

Battle of Gettysburg Richmond was the capital

of the Confederacy Sherman provided Lincoln with an

important victory to ensure his re-election About 4 Years heroic unit of African American soldiers 54th Massachusetts Infantry Abraham Lincoln Extra Videos
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