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Functional Skills

No description

Kirsty Beaumont

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Functional Skills

Functional Skills
Maths &English

How can they help me in my career?
Employers expect high standards of professional skills so that you can provide excellent treatments but also employers expect high standards of literacy and communication.
Our aim at college is to train you to meet the needs of the industry so that you can successfully achieve employment in your chosen career.
How will I learn ?
*Diagnostic tools will help us to identify your strengths and areas for development
*Tasks, Spelling tests, letter writing, discussions, CV's, adverts, mock exam papers
*We will link lots of work to the industry
Why do I need them?
What will I do... English?
Entry 3:
* Speaking and Listening- Exchange & Discussion (Internal assessment)
* Reading- Exam (Internal Assessment)
* Writing- Exam (Internal Assessment)
Level 1:
* Speaking and Listening- Exchange & Discussion (Internal assessment)
* Reading- Exam (External Exam)
* Writing- Exam (External Assessment)
Level 2:
* Speaking and Listening- Discussion & Presentation (Internal assessment)
* Reading- Exam (External Exam)
* Writing- Exam (External Assessment)
What will I do... Maths?
Entry Levels:
Level 1:
Level 2:
* Assessment- Internally assessed
* Assessment- Externally assessed
* Assessment- Externally assessed
Good Luck
Functional skills are learning tools that will help you to:-

*Apply knowledge and understanding to everyday life

*Engage competently and confidently with others

*Solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations

*Develop personally and professionally as a positive citizen who can actively contribute to society

A thought........You will use functional skills all through your life and in what ever job you ever do.............its important!
Hi mY NAME IS.....
John O'Toole
mY eMAIL address is........
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