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how to make an overlay

No description

장 그래

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of how to make an overlay

1. We need to make the 'of course-image' first.

Put '
Of Course!!
' on the white image (for layering, right-click and click 'Bring Forward')

Holding the Shift key, select '
Of Course!!
' and the white image and then click 'Group' - Now they're one object.

2. Put the new 'of course-image' on top of the '
Ideas Matter?
' text.

3. Put an invisible frame over the 'of course-image'
(note: the frame should be bigger than the object).

4. Click Path mode (the pencil-shaped icon) on the side bar and click the frame on the canvas in order to make a path.

5. Click the blue star to make an animation effect.

6. Click the 'of course-image'

7. Click 'Done'
How to Make an Overlay
Quick & Easy
Prezi Guide
We are going to make this today...
Ideas Matter?
Of Course!!
Ideas Matter?
Of Course!!
(it should be the same color with your current background. You can screen shot your current background image and use it)
Of Course!!
A blank white image
So Cool..
Happy Zooming!
Why Not?
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