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Photovoltaic Cells

No description

Anjali Begur

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Photovoltaic Cells

What exactly are "phos" = light
"voltaic" = electricity PV cells solar cells photovoltaic cells ? If you've ever seen a solar panel - those blue trays tilted up to face the sky - then you have seen photovoltaic cells. Chemical equation? photons + silicon = energy no real chemical equation is the closest you can get. This equation is always balanced. reactants:
photons from the sun and silicon
product: energy In the real world lighting homes
heating water
might become even more important in the future Many people rely on this technology in their everyday lives. Efficiency Future Advancements 40% (the efficiency is how much of the sun's energy is actually turned into electricity) 80% efficiency? lower costs? Scientists think the answer is nanotechnology. It's expected to work well, once they find an effective way to use the energy produced. compared to the rest, that's considered pretty high. But is it really worth it? Photovoltaic Cells Anjali Begur Why is this important? PV cells may be expensive, but they are better for our planet. (reduced carbon emissions) More people may start switching to solar panels, so we have to know about them. Maybe one day everyone will be using photovoltaic cells to power their homes. How do they work? dyed glass to absorb sunlight
silicon subsitutes
infrared radiation
cost effective
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