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This is just a science project.

Kareem Boochoon

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Hotel

We feel that a animal cell
is best represented by a
hotel. We will now demonstrate
what we mean.
General Manager(Nucleus)
The nucleus is like the general manager of a hotel. The general manager is in charge of many jobs pretty much monitor and make sure things are done correctly.
Elevator(Endoplasmic Reticulum)
The ER is just like the elevator
in the hotel. It transports
people from floor to floor.
Head Chef(Nucleolus)
Bell Boy(Golgi Body)
The Golgi Body is like the bell boy. The bell boy carry's luggage through out the hotel. They both do the same jobs.
Kitchen (Ribosomes)
The ribosomes is like the kitchen of the hotel. It is where food is made and prepared and delivered to customers.
The Nucleolus is like the
Head Chef. The chef is the one
who makes food and help in the process with
Cell Membrane
The lobby doors is like the cell membrane. The front doors allow people in and out of the hotel.
Frame (Cytoskeleton)
The cytoskeleton is like the frame of the hotel.
The frame of the hotel is the thing that is holding up
the hotel all together and it provides the strength that it may need in the near future to renovate.
A hotel is like an animal cell because they both carry the same functions and jobs as each other. The job is keeping all the organelles in the cell safe.
How the general manager is like the nucleus
in a animal is because they both carry out the same job which is to monitor and make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.
In the cell the nucleus controls center of the cell and contains DNA to show its done correctly.
The Elevator is just like the ER because they both carry out the same job. It transports port people to different parts of the hotel where they might need to go to.
In the cell the ER transports proteins within the cell.
The kitchen is like the ribosomes because they both carry out the same job. They make proteins which is needed for the cell,so they transport it using ER
The nucleolus is like the head chef because of they both do the same job. The head chef tells the other chef's what to do and how to do it properly.
The bell boy is like the Golgi body because they both carry out the same job. He escorts the customers around the hotel. In a cell the Golgi body delivers the proteins through out the cell .
The lobby doors and the cell membrane have the exactly the same job. The lobby doors let certain people in and out of the building ,in the cell it controls the materials in and out of the cell.

The cytoskeleton is exactly like the frame of the hotel it is usually made up of really strong material to keep the shape intact and lets it stay strong for the future ,that helps it stay in shape. The cytoskeleton does the exact same job using a bunch of networks to keep the cell safe and strong for a really long time.
Lysosomes are like mold that could appear in buildings .Through out the lifetime of the building it will break down the structure
Lysosomes have the same job as the mold that appears in building that break down the building as it get older and older , this process is the same in an animal cell the lysosomes soon break down the cell when it dies.

The mitochondria is like a generator in a hotel. It gives energy to the hotel mitochondria would do to a cell. They both make and produce energy.
Storage Room(Vacuole)
The Vacuole is just like the storage room because they both carry out the same job and its to store different
material for the cell.
The storage room is exactly like the vacuole it carry's the same job and the job is to store different kind of materials from water to different essential nutrients to different resources that are used in a animal cell same thing goes to the hotel storage room it stores almost anything that is needed like blankets to pillows and extra bed to food
Mitochondria is the energy supplier in the cell. In the hotel the generator is the energy supplier that can make and produce energy. The both supply energy for a long period of time.
Guest are like the cytoplasm in a cell. Guests fill up a hotel when they want to book a room for a few days or they just visit.
The Guest's are just like the cytoplasm. The cytoplasm fills the cell with juice like fluids. In a hotel the guests are like the cytoplasm because they fill the room.
I hope you have learnt a few rooms and jobs a hotel needs that correspond to an animal cells that we demonstrated and i hope you have learnt more about the animal cell.
Thank you for listening and watching our Science Presentation that took us a very long time to make and present it to you so I hoped you guys enjoyed it.
I would now like to give thanks.

* Ayman-Partner in project
*Mr.Mcinns-The person who assigned this project
*Kareem-The other partner that did this project
*People- Watching and Listening to this project

Storage room




(Endoplasmic reticulum)

Bell Boy
(Golgi body)

Main lobby Doors
(Cell membrane)

Mold and damage


(cell membrane)

The centurisomes are just like
the building contract if not paid the building gets demolished.
Centurisomes in the cell help in self divison this is similar to if the contract of the hotel is not paid the building has to be demolished.
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