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Advertisement codes

No description

Rui da Silva

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Advertisement codes

selling points and codes visual codes layout codes technical codes language codes colour codes
The red/purple tint in the Sony Ericsson ad has connotations of passion and sultry nightlife; smoky underground clubs and perhaps a hint of luxury with the slight purple tint. Maria Sharapova’s black clothes conveys a sharp and slick image which matches that of the phone. The brighter yellow light emanating from the handset then contrasts with this to highlight the idea of the phone allowing you to socially ‘shine’ even when you are in dark, crowded and noisy environments. colour codes
The very natural, hazy, soft and warm colours in the Louis Vuitton ad connote nature and earthiness. The extensive use of brown, green and yellow tints contribute much to this. The clothing also fits in as the soft and pale blues and creams give a sense of calm, suggesting that humans and the surrounding nature interact effortlessly. The brown of the LV bag also places the product itself very naturally in the environment. non-verbal codes
Sharapova’s stance is casual and dynamic as she leans to the side and puts her hand in her pocket, demonstrating her coolness even in the midst of such a lively setting. The gyrating shadowy figures in the background serve to create a sense of this setting. non-verbal codes
Both bodies are positioned in very casual stances, with father leaning back in calm thought and daughter lounging on the grass with her bare feet touching the soft earth. The effect is to again emphasise the naturalness of the setting and the effortless grace of the lifestyle being portrayed. The father’s concentrated look and finger pointing do however serve to remind us of the creative work taking place and the daughter’s gaze perhaps conveys admiration and respect. This could tie in with the idea of a ‘beautiful journey’ from one generation to the next. imagery & mise en scene
The image of Sharapova is glamourised somewhat to emphasise her ability here (thanks to the phone) to separate herself from the more natural setting behind her. This also reflects her status as a top tennis player who looks good even in the heat of battle. Foreground and background are clearly divided in terms of naturalness and artificiality. imagery & mise en scene
The image has a natural feel, with a photo-like quality while also reminding us perhaps of a painting in terms of its composition and natural setting. The sense of abundant time and space is aided by the wide shot of empty fields in the background. language codes
•use of ‘I’ and ‘my’ to communicate personalisation and an individual, independent lifestyle perhaps.
•colloquial language with ‘goss’ for gossip ties in with ‘your closest contacts’ to give an informal feel to the ad, emphasising social relationships with peers.
•direct mode of address, which again adds to the informal feel.
•use of well-known phrases around light - ‘light of my life’, ‘left in the dark’ allowing for the USP to be conveyed along with notions of affection and social connectedness.
•‘Maria Sharapova: 3 times Grand Slam Champion’ – celebrity associations and the language code here emphasising quality of ‘performance’ in different settings.
•no real technical information about the product, as the intention is to isolate the lighting feature which makes up the USP. language codes
•‘Inside every story there is a beautiful journey’ – this line emphasises the lyrical quality of the scene with its philosophical air. The words ‘story’ and ‘journey’ carry connotations of adventure, creativity and meaningful experiences.
•‘Early evening, Buenos Aires, Argentina’ – places the scene in a specific setting to emphasise ites realism. ‘Buenos Aires’ prpbably carries an air of exotic travel too to local audiences.
•using celebrity associations and also putting them explicitly with LV in their support of ‘The Climate Project’. Naturally, this environmental-consciousness sits nicely with the natural visual setting of the ad.
•no information about the product as the focus is on the ESP. size & position of different elements
the images of the phone are relatively small as there is less onus here on how it looks or what other features it may have. The human figure dominates the frame, suggesting that it is lifestyle and personal style and control that are most important. size & position of different elements
The LV bag is not separated for special attention. Instead, it is made to blend smoothly and naturally into the scene and in fact is less foregrounded than the human figures as it is their lifestyle that is the main focal point. The figures are positioned on either side to highlight the balance of their relationship and overall there is a sense of balance between humans, nature and their objects, including of course the LV bag. angles
a slightly low angle to emphasise the figure’s dominance and control over things. angles
the use of a low angle to highlight the natural control of the father perhaps and the pleasure to be gained from lounging like this as the camera kind of places us in a similar position to that of the daughter. shot types
a mid to long shot of Sharapova as this allows them to communicate both her facial expression as she enjoys getting news from her friends and also her relaxed, controlled and stylish body posture and clothing. shot types
long shot to highlight the empty, vast, quiet beauty of the landscape and to show us the whole bodies of the human figures so as to communicate their physical relaxation. typography
A serif font used in the slogan, but this is quite rounded so the overall feel is still quite informal and modern. The main body of text is written in a clean and modern sans-serif font. This fits well with the technology focus of the advert. The name of the company is both rounded and squared, which creates both a playful and a hi-tech professional feeling. typography
A very minimal sans-serif font used throughout
the ad. This conveys a modern elegance, which can
go across the generations. dress codes
Sharapova is just dressed in a casual leather
jacket here. She is just hanging out with her friends,
which again emphasises the social focus of the ad. dress codes
Both father and daughter are dressed quite
casually here. Their shirts are open and sleeves
rolled up, emphasising their relaxed feelings in this
natural setting. They are very comfortable and just
watching life go by. lighting
The lift is quite soft, but still fairly
bright to create a sense of sunset. It feels
as if they have been here all day, relaxing
in the natural environment. lighting
The lighting is both dark to
create the feeling of nightlife
and light in places to give a sense of
the excitement of a busy social life.
Sharapova's face is lit up with low-key
lighting to indicate her star status.
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