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Was appeasement justified?

No description

mr b-w

on 20 February 2011

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Transcript of Was appeasement justified?

Was appeasment justified? YES NO By not standing up to his actions, appeasement encouraged Hitler to be more and more aggressive. Appeasement allowed Hitler to gain more land, men and resources making him stronger and more difficult to defeat. Hitler had written about his violent aims since the 1920s. The Allies should have ignorned Hitler's claim at Sudetenland that it was the 'last problem' to be solved. It was morally wrong to abandon Czechoslovakia during the Munich Agreement. Appeasement made Stalin question the value of an agreement with the Allies and convinced him of the need to make a deal with Hitler. [ARGUMENT YOU FEEL IS WEAKER] One the one hand, appeasment was justified/not justified because...
[ARGUMENT YOU FEEL IS STONGER] Overall however, appeasement was justified/not justified because... 1. Add Words 2. Add Pictures 3. Write a conclusion
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