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Growing Students' Professional, Academic and Social Networks

Presentation at NACADA National Conference in October 2013

Amanda Beller

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Growing Students' Professional, Academic and Social Networks

Growing students' professional, academic, and social networks.
Bridging the gap between social media and student success.
Student Feedback

How students use Facebook vs. Twitter

1. Learn how to utilize social media in first year orientation courses

2. Discover how instructors/advisors can bridge the generation/technology gap between themselves and first year students

3. Share how advisors and students can be developmental and intentional about channels of communication for campus resources, advising reminders and class announcements
Our population and our course

Our process

Our pages
How far have we come?
Best Practices
Things to consider...
How have these advances affected our lives and the lives of our students?

How do students experience
our classes?
Social Media Usage
Frequency of Posts
Open Profile & FERPA
Developmental Stage
Implications for Your Program
Upcoming Assignments & Responsibilities
Social life

Real & Virtual
What we did
Institutional Policies

Photos & Documentation

Limited Profile
Survey Results
80% of our students said our presence made them more aware of campus activities

52% of our students said they were more comfortable with their advisors as a result of their friendship on social media

Created awareness and attainment of on campus opportunities
1. Define your purpose
2. Set guidelines
3. Be consistent
4. Collaborate with others
5. Maintain professionalism


Linked In
McMican, Wilson & Beller
First Year College
North Carolina State University
Earliest Version of...
Now on ONE device
"With Ms. Wilson's regular posts, I was constantly reminded of assignments to do, or programs to attend that I would have otherwise forgotten about."

"Following my advisor on Twitter was very helpful to find out events. I don't live in the FYC village, so it was helpful to see the events happening on Twitter which I otherwise might not have known about."

"Tomorrow I have a job interview because I heard about applying to be a Parent Ally through my adviser's Facebook post."

"The social media mainly helped me to remember when my assignments were due."

"I was aware of a lot more going on around campus and it also helped me stay on track with the forums."

"I saw most of the events on social networking sites before I herd about them through email or in class."
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