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Charlie Chaplin

No description

Elisa Chu

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Charlie Chaplin

little contact with his son, separated with Hannah when Chaplin was 1
Alcoholism eventually killed him
Arrested for failure to provide for his children
Got Chaplin his debut “The Eight Lancashire Lads Sir Charlie Chaplin KBE Family Events That Changed His Life Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin was born in London, England, on 16 April, 1889. Later Life Mother: Hannah Chaplin She was a great inspiration for his performance technique and outlook on life.
She was a singer and character comedienne with the stage name "Lily Harley".
She suffered from mental illness after the loss of her career due to ill health.
Her gift of mimicry and observation was attributed as giving Charlie his success as a pantomime.
Died August 28 1928. Father: Charles Chaplin, Sr. Older Brother: Sydney Chaplin Chaplin and his brother were close and looked out for each other from childhood.
4 years Charlie's senior.
Chaplin credits his brother for his success financially and professionally.
He was sent to a training ship to work as a steward.
He joined Fred Karno’s Speechless Comedians, one of the most famous and successful entertainment troupes in England, eventually becoming leading comedian.
He recommended Charlie Chaplin to the group, which led Charlie to the United States.
He worked as Charlie's manager.
Died April 16 1965. Younger Brother : Wheeler Dryden He was taken away from his mother, Hannah Chaplin as a baby.
He toured India and the Far East as a vaudeville comedian when he learned that Charlie Chaplin was his half brother
He wrote a letter to Edna Purviance, Charlie’s leading lady, which brought him to US and united him with his brothers
Died September 30 1957. Personal Qualities
Achievements gave the world masterpieces with sequences that made part of movie legend
deeply influenced the history of comedy, introducing new depths in feelings and emotion.
transformed the process of composition, framing, cutting, wiping, even music and choreography Chaplin received several awards and recognitions during his lifetime, especially during his later career in the 1960s and the 1970s:

received a joint Erasmus Prize with film director Ingmar Bergman in 1965
given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 (he was excluded when the project began in 1958 due to his political beliefs)
made a commander of the Légion d'honneur at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 1971
made a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975 Legacy Personal Career Chaplin received special film awards:

he was given a special Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1972.
honoured with a gala & awarded with a lifetime achievement award when he returned to the US in 1972 (by Lincoln Center Film Society)
now called The Chaplin Award given annually to filmmakers
nominated for 6 and won 3 Academy Awards - one competitive award for Best Original Score and two honorary awards, Charming Successful Entertaining The most famous comic actor, film director and composer during the silent film era.
Variety's list of "100 Icons of the Century",
VH1’s list of "The 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons",
TIME’s list of the "100 Most Important People of the 20th Century". Ranked number 66 on a list of the 100 Greatest Britons, broadcast on the BBC in 2002 Charlie Chaplin's Legacy is unquestioned He is Included in He was voted the 10th most important male star of all time by the American Film Institute. Charlie Chaplin Being volunteered to overtake his mothers performance at the age of 5.
Signing with a theatrical agency at the age of 14 in the London's West End.
Working alongside William Gillete.
Signing with Keystone Studio's in 1913.
Directing his own film which became a huge success for the company. By 1917 he was world famous.
His most memorable and famous character was The Tramp, appearing in 9 different films, from 1914 to 1936.
In 1919, he co-founded a company called United Artists, which allowed film makers to produce their own work
Though he produced mainly silent films, he did produce some movies with sound, the most notable being "The Dictator"
He was exiled from the US, due to his political views, as they thought he was a communist
He lived in Switzerland in exile, where he re-mastered and released his films again with new music and extra scenes.
He died in Switzerland on Christmas Day, 1977 from a stroke. Charlie Chaplin... 1.How many brothers did Charlie Chaplin have?
2.Name them both. Which one was taken away, and why?
3.What was the event that first introduced him to the stage? Why did he have to go on stage?
4.Who recommended him to Fred Karno’s Speechless Comedians?
5.Who was Charlie Chaplin’s most famous character and how many movies did that character appear in?
6.Why was he exiled from the US? Why did the US think he had communistic beliefs?
7.Where did he live after being exiled from the US?
8.When and how did he die?
9.What is an award that he received for his work?
10.What is a personal award that he received? 1.Charlie had 2 brothers
2.Sydney Chaplin and Wheeler Dryden, Wheeler was taken away because his mother was unable to care for him due to her mental illness.
3.He was put on stage at age 5 after his mother was booed off stage.
4.His older brother Sydney introduced him to Fred Karno’s Speechless Comedians.
5.His most famous character is The Tramp, appearing in 9 movies.
6.He was exiled from the US due to the movie The Dictator that showed his communistic beliefs.
7.He lived in Switzerland.
8.He died on Christmas Day 1977 due to a stroke.
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