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The ten things about me!

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Kathryn Larsen

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of The ten things about me!

10 Things about me
3. Technology is a good thing to stay in contact with families like when I want to talk to a relative in Mexico I use the phone that uses technology.
5. Soccer is passion it is my favorite sport in the world. I love it because it helps by doing techniques and skills.
2. I hate games like puzzles because that when I play the games it starts to get boring.
dumb drawings
4. when people tell me to do a drawing for them but then I relize that the drawing is a square or it is dumb. I just go crazy.
1. My favorite food is
red rice and pizza.
Video Games
2. Video games are great because they
sometimes help things like with mine-
craft that helps you how to get ideas to acitect .
4. I like to draw. I normaly draw
when I am bored or when I want to
do something
5 things that i don't like
1. I hate sushi because I have diferent taste than other people.
No Technology
3. When there is no technology where ever I go I just get crazy and I'm am like I need..
Having to fight over things
5. When I fight over things I just fight for it then if I lose versus the person I just realize that I am fighting over something weird or not worth fighting for it
Argument paragraph
Sushi is the worst food in the world. I saw it because you are eating raw fish. Sushi is made out of raw fish, rice, and other vegetables. some people may argue that sushi is the best thing ever made. But maybe they don't understand that you are eating raw fish. so in conclusion sushi is the worst food.
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