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Anishinaabe Clan System

Clan governance

Sean Meades

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Anishinaabe Clan System

Anishinaabe Clan Governance Clan Council bird Be-nays' bear mu-kwa fish gi-goon' deer wa-wa-shesh'-shi marten wa-bi-zha-shi' crane ah-ji-jawk' loon mahng warriors, providers, and hunters
will not hesitate to go a few more steps to ensure the protection and preservation of their community
will not hesitate to lend a hand, to proide food or shelter
aggressive in nature, pursue their prey to no end.
Adopts those who do not know their clan
Sub clans: Mink, weasel, otter, lynx, bobcat, wolf, fox
Colors: yellow, brown, black leadership/chieftainship
possess great skills, understanding, love, caring, be a great hunter, strategist, negotiator, and prepared to help anyone in need
decisions were made on a consensus basis
colours: gray and white leadership/chieftainshippossess great skills, understanding, love, caring, be a great hunter, strategist, negotiator, and prepared to help anyone in needdecisions were made on a consensus basiscolours: blue and white reconcilers & pursuers of wellbeing
noted for their ability in artwork, paintings, excellent in writing and reciting poetry, lovers of music
reconcilers: good listeners, finding solutions to problems
gentle and very peaceful
keep to themselves, shy, try to remain out of the way
prefer to work behind the scenes rather than in the limelight
sub-clans: moose, elk, caribou, antelope, buffalo, bighorn sheep, goats, etc.
colours: brown & black Spiritual people
-strong in beliefs and ways of the traditional teachings
-very good vision, physically and metaphorically
-good gardeners, farmers, caretakers of seeds
Pursuers of knowledge
-good listeners
sub-clans: migizi, kinew, eagles, hawks, sky divers, swimmers, etc.
colours: yellow & orange philosophers, intellectuals
seek truth and answers to questions
studied movement of the stars, from which they predicted events before they happened
mediated between mahng and ah-ji-jawk when both chieftain groups were at an impasse
fostered win-win situations
Sub-clans: turtle (chief), all other fish and reptiles
colours: blue & green knowledge of medicines
maintained peace and order
guardians/doorkeepers of the mide lodge
patrollers of the community
sub-clans: brown bear, grizzly bear, white bear, other brown bears, and skunk
colours: maroon and black
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