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No description

Chelsee Robinson

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Pottermore

Promotes literature in young hearts across the world.
Most Harry Potter fans have only dreamed of becoming a wizard and attending Hogwarts, now they can feel closer to that idea.
The game does have an educational aspect and could be included into primary classrooms.
Pottermore is safe and secure for children of all ages.
But first lets watch a video ...
The whole Pottermore site mimics the books.
It retells the story in an interactive way.
The excitement of the game is due to the fact you are role playing in the wizards world.
To a Harry Potter fan just knowing what house you are in can be the best part of the whole game.
The first launch of the Pottermore site was in June of 2011.
J. K. Rowling herself is the owner and creator of Pottermore, yet she did partner with Sony for the beginning stages.
The site is completely free to play but there is the link that takes you to her shop where you can purchase exclusive ebooks and other merchandise.
October 2010 Rowling was named "Most Influential Woman in Britain", her story is one from rags to riches.
She felt the need to expand the Harry Potter series even though her last book had already been published.
Massive multiplayer online role-playing game.
Compete for the house cup, by earning house points.
You can chose to take part in wizard duels, this is one on one with live players.
Brewing potions, casting spells, exploring books can all earn you house point.
Unless you enjoyed the books you most likely wouldn't enjoy the website.
It does seem juvenile, and may not hold attention for long periods of time.
The Houses
Each house possess certain traits, and you must have those personality traits to be chosen for that house. Anyone who has read the books knows deep down what house they are in.
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