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Wholesaler Visibility

No description

Miguel Bethencout

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Wholesaler Visibility

Miguel Bethencourt
Wholesaler Visibility
Create a system to track and trace shipments leaving from breweries to wholesalers
Reverse the flow of information. Become a push system instead of a pull system.
Deloitte 2012 Power Rankings
Consumer Goods Industry
Deloitte's Global Powers of Consumer Products 2012
Scale Out
AB Standard
Industry standard
Largest Shippers
Current Process
Solution #1
In Transit Truck
GPS Ping
Latitude and Longitude
Customer Directed to Carrier website through link
NFI Navitrace
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Click log on
Enter log on, password, submit.
Group – click Track and Trace
Options – click Track and Trace

Note – log on and password are case sensitive.

If you want to look up one shipment, enter AB shipment number in the PO field.
If you want to conduct a different sort, click the drop down for Sort 1.
To show all NFI shipments for your location, click Customer.
You can add a 2nd and 3rd sort – by delivery date, by origin, by shipment (PO) number, etc.
Shipment Details:
Status –
Available – available to be planned by the carrier. May or may not be loaded at the brewery.
Dispatched – in transit
Empty – delivered
To see more details click on NFI#.
Stop Information shows time of arrival and departure from origin.
For Empty status shows arrival and departure from wholesaler.
Dispatched Loads – truck location details –
Nearest major city
Miles to the final destination
Google Map
New Features
Provide visibility for wholesalers to plan outbound shipments
ETA projections help wholesalers plan warehouse staffing
Reduce BSC tickets by directing wholesalers to carrier website
Increase credibility with wholesalers
Increase order log mobility
Redirect all flow to carriers and loose visibility
Many different types of formats
Project Plan
Step #2
In Transit Truck
GPS Ping
Latitude and Longitude
Project Plan
Step #3
Maintain everyone hooked to Budnet
One platform
3rd party service not crashing our servers
Various formats of tracking
Still giving the carrier some credit for value added
Data aggregation from various websites
Screen Scrapping or Web Scrapping
Automated Bot to navigate through the website
Removes Text from HTML Code in Website
How Does Work?
What are we going to do?
Step 1: Develop robot that knows how to navigate website.
Step 2: Scrape appropriate data
Miles to stop
Step 3: Store data
Step 4: Upload data
Number of Tickets
Become pioneer in order tracking
Exposure to wholesaler
Reduce cost of tickets to BSC
Expose and Identify possible gaps with current carriers
Push Information
How does Work?
Search for key words in articles
Retrieve information off RSS feed
Customizes to the account of the person logged in due to preset preferences
Thank You!
Surveyed Data
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