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The Eco Laundry Company

No description

Johnny McRae

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The Eco Laundry Company

We got some attention in the press too.

Wallpaper named us as one of the 20 reasons to visit Argentina. Then we made Forbes.

Its embarrassing to say, but we started to get a little bit famous.
We want our family to continue growing.

If you think you might like to become a Happytalist too, then why not
"Wash pants and Save the world"

with us!

It seemed to him that the reckless attitude of corporations towards the environment was creating
a ticking time bomb and promising to bring
about a volatile, unstable and unpleasant
future for humanity.
He wanted to pledge that profit would never be mightier than purpose.
The company would work to show that
Capitalism doesn’t have to be destructive.

It would champion a new and better version of Capitalism.
And with that
The Eco Laundry Company
was born.
Our first store launched in Buenos Aires in 2010 and we quickly discovered that it wasn’t such
a crazy idea after all.

The local community in Buenos Aires really got behind us and our little laundry started to thrive.
A year later, a chance encounter in Buenos Aires with Jean Calleja from New York who really got what we were about, resulted in a beautiful partnership,
the fruit of which was the launch of
The Eco Laundry Company

New York City in 2012.
The response was phenomenal.
Chelsea was really excited to have us in the neighborhood.

In no time at all there was dirty washing all over the place!
In our second year we became a certified B Corporation, which was a great way for us to formalize and protect our mission.

We also partnered with Weforest.org as part of our 1% for the planet pledge and together we have planted over 1200 trees in the last six months alone.
We also started a project at The Kaleidos Foundation working with young people to find solutions to problems around sustainability.
As luck would have it, we made it into Bloomberg BusinessWeek and New York Magazine.

As these are both global publications these pieces resulted in an explosion of people contacting us from all over the world.

Suddenly we had franchise requests from over 22 major cities from Tokyo to Toronto.
We have started working to build our franchise model so we can bring
The Eco Laundry Company
to your neighbourhood!
You can learn more about us by following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) and if you are interested in joining our franchising family, then contact us at

We started to think about what we wanted our future to look like.

Our mantra was always
“The greatest good to the greatest number”
and with that in mind it was clear that Franchising would be the best way to share our philosophy of Happytalism around the world.

B Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
So he decided to do something about it and create a company, which would act as a vehicle for positive environmental and social change.
He likes to call it… Happytalism!
Our founder
Phillipe Christodoulou
was very concerned about the state of the world.
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