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No description

Charlotte Teven

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Nespresso

Table of Contents Market Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Competitive Overview
Brand Equity Analysis
Brand Positioning & Benefit Ladder
Strategy Proposal (4P's)
360 Execution
PR: Key Message & Q&A Market Analysis Consumer Analysis Interesting facts
Buy Nespresso once a month, around 100 capsules
11,1 capsules a week
58,8% drinks Nespresso in the morning Consumer Insight Consumer Behavior Competitive Overview Dolce Gusto Tassimo L'arome Bigger choice of hot beverages
Associated with family and suitable for the whole family Associated with technology and variety of choice Capsules suitable for Nespresso machine Senseo Value for money
Common among youth Brand Equity Analysis SWOT Strengths Market Leader; 34% of volume & 43,8% of value
95,7% Top of mind
Consumer Loyalty; Nespresso Club, Nespresso Magazine
Patented capsules
clear brand image: elegance, luxury & quality
28% margins Weaknesses Machine only usable for coffee
Capsule system is not ecological
No fair-trade
Limited distribution
Post George Clooney era? Opportunities 77% growth in capsule market for 2012
over €800 M market
only 17% market penetration, possible to extend this Threats Cheaper competitors; 25,7% market share and 9% penetration in 1 year for L'arome
Democratization of capsule concept
Multi usage machines like Tassimo(11% market share) & Dolce Gusto(29,3% market share) Brand Positioning & Benefit Ladder To high-end cosmopolitan espresso-lovers who like to escape their busy lifestyle now and then, Nespresso is the brand of coffee capsules that offers a luxurious and exclusive coffee experience because of superior quality, taste and technology. Emotional Benefit Consumer Benefit Product Benefit Product Attribute The relaxing moment of the day to enjoy your favorite coffee to feel unique and privileged Take the time to savor your luxurious coffee that suits the moment best. Superior and unique taste
Customized Service: great employees, the hot line, after-sales service, providing information about the taste, great website, club Nespresso Unique technology
Excellent quality coffee/best coffee beans
Stylish machine
Variety of tastes Strategy Proposal Price High compared to competitors
Keep price up to support brand image and stay exclusive Product Technology of the capsules: aluminum
Design of the machine
Wide variety of choice
Exclusively coffee Placement Nespresso stores
Corner store in malls Promotion TV ads
Print campaign Increase the placement while carefully choosing the good partners to keep as much control as possible. GOALS 1. Increase penetration
2. Increase capsule sales
3. Increase customer loyalty Execution Distribution Channels Pop-up Store events Limited Editions 49 boutiques in 27 cities(Stores and inside El Corte Ingles)
81 El Corte Ingles in Spain
Increase number of boutiques in El Corte Ingles
Benefit: Easy and Cost efficient expansion
Threat: Control Pop-up event at exclusive location
Invite Nespresso club members, important bloggers, famous people
Promotion: Have a free coffee together with a family member
Inform about unique technology
Benefit: Increase consumer knowledge while getting the name out Offer limited edition taste with 150 capsules
Benefit: Increase average purchase and capsule sales Values: Family, Honesty, Health
Why not Nespresso: 33,3% availability
Cost, queue, fair-trade I am leading an active and busy lifestyle in the city, and I love it. To escape, I love to spend quality time with my family. I enjoy sharing warm and relaxing moments with the people I love. I highly value quality in the products I buy and I am willing to pay for it. I fully enjoy treating myself with the special luxuries that make life better and make me feel unique and privileged. Brand Awareness Top of mind: 95,7% of surveyed people mention Nespresso at 1st or 2nd place when asking about the coffee capsules market.
Brand recognition: Everyone knew Nespresso, after mentioning the name.
Depth: very high
Breath: limited to coffee How many people know Nespresso? Brand Image What do people think about Nespresso? 82,4% of people agree that Nespresso distinguishes itself by its quality/taste.
52,9% of people are not aware of the ecological aspects of Nespresso
70,6% of people chose Nespresso because they love the machine’s design
Most of the people surveyed found Nespresso innovative.
70,5% agreed that Nespresso is an exlusive brand. If Nespresso would be a car, it would be... George Clooney Visual PR Key Message Nespresso coffee: an exclusive and personalized experience of taste, pleasure and lifestyle Q & A Is Nespresso the best quality coffee?
Where can I buy Nespresso?
How can I order Nespresso?
How can I get in the Nespresso club?
Is Nespresso fair-trade?
What can I do with my old capsules?
Which are the limited edition capsules available?
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