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Ashley Coro

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of TROYE SIVAN

Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African born Australian actor, youtuber, and singer. Troye's coming out video was posted on the 7th of August 2013. The video was met with a huge amount of positivity and has contributed to the increasing
de-stigmatization of the LGBT community.Troye started posting videos of him singing on YouTube in 2007. He now boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over a million views on his singing videos.
(Taken from Wikipedia, and an interview with Caspar Lee)
According to Troye's Facebook statistics it seems as though his target audience are people ages 13-17 and mostly in London, England.
Troye Sivan sells his music primarily through digital distribution. His music can be bought or downloaded depending on the particular song. The two places that Troye lists as his music stores are iTunes and Bandcamp.
Troye Sivan's group of dedicated fans have named themselves the Troyebler Makers (I'm assuming after the hit movie "Pitch Perfect"). Troye also has large number of fan pages on sites such as tumblr, facebook, and twitter.
Troye also released his address for fan mail on his website so his dedicated followers can send him anything they want.
Not only do his fans support him they do whatever they can to make his name heard.
Troye interacts with his fans on sites like twitter, facebook,tumblr, instagram, and youtube especially.
Not only is Troye Sivan an incredible singer he is well known for his acting career and his youtube videos. Troye won two accolades at the 2013 Australian Webstream Awards for Best Online Personality and Best Video Blog Series. Troye was also on "Australia's Got Talent" in 2009

In 2006, Guy Sebastian (Australia's first winner of the reality T.V show Australian Idol) heard Troye perform "Over The Rainbow" as one of the opening acts on Perth's Annual Telethon. So impressed, Guy asked Troye to perform another song with him later in the show. They received a standing ovation from a crowd of 2500 people. He was also successful in making it into the grand finals of StarSearch 2007.

Troye returned to the Perth Telethon 2008 with a stunning rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" and repeated the performance as the "opener" for Australia's "Storm the Stage".

Troye also performed the opening songs for Sir Bob Geldof's benefit event in Perth - including his first original song "For Them" -- a moving piece about our world's homeless children. -Troye's Facbook
Huffington Post
Youtuber News
The Sky Kid
International Business
End Hereditary Religion
Huffington Post ...Again!
The only way I have found to download or listen to Troye's music is to either watch his videos on YouTube, stream his music on Spotify, or to buy his music off of his Bandcamp.Troye's pricing for his music is extremely competitive. He even goes as far as to let his fans decide what they want to pay for some of his songs. Otherwise his songs are priced just above a dollar and in some cases simply just a dollar. This is an extremely good strategy considering his fan base is rather young and wouldn't have the money to spend on expensive music.
For Troye's song, "The Fault In Our Stars", he released the song on iTunes and Bandcamp. By purchasing the song on Bandcamp you get unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app. In addition, by purchasing the song on Bandcamp and iTunes, 100% of the proceeds will go to Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Troye then released a music video for the song. The actual music video was prefaced with Troye speaking about the song and the video. Although I am unable to find a specific site that says Troye is a YouTube partner I do believe he is one. In this case every time someone watched his music video Troye was paid a small amount. This also helped to bring in revenue for this song.
Troye definitely utilizes the CWF+RTB formula. Just like Trent Reznor, Troye Sivan also releases some of his music for free. He has songs that he lets his fans determine the price for and he also makes a video for almost every song he creates. For me, when I hear a song that I am crazy about on Youtube, I immediately want to know how to buy it. Youtube is a great way to connect with his fans and give them a reason to buy his music. Aside from just the music videos, Troye also gives people incentives to buy his music, such as donating the proceeds to charity or an organization that is close to his heart. People seem to really like to give back.
Easy to navigate
Clean looking
Simplistic style
Easy to read
Lacks content
Very minimalistic
Doesn't seem to be updated
Lacks personality
Utilization of artist's creativity
Constantly updated newsfeed
Social media integration
Ability to interact with the artist easily

Lack of website activity
The loss of fans or a change in demographics
Lack of communication between fan and artist
The best touch point that Troye Sivan has is his twitter profile. He is constantly updating it with various news about himself, upcoming events, and links to his videos and music. Fans are able to easily retweet or share these posts with their following which increases word of mouth. This is a really strong way of sending out information easily and circulating it. Something that I thought might be more effective is to have all these things streaming on his actual website. This would make the timeline easier to manage for fans.
Group III Management, Inc. - Los Angeles
Ashley Adler Coro
May 21st
May 22nd
May 5th
May 13th
Posted 2 New Videos!
Asked His Fans To Post Their Favorite Video Of His
First sign of activity in 7 Months!
May 22nd Instagram Post
Tyler Oakley!
May 1st Instagram Post
May 2nd Instagram Post
With Caspar Lee!
May 28th Instagram Post

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