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Rudolf Laban's Effort Actions

The Practicalities of the Effort Actions

Michael H

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Rudolf Laban's Effort Actions

Rudolf Laban's Effort Actions the variables How we apply these to acting... practical application
of the effort actions Laban said that all human behaviour
can be stemmed from three different variables.
These variables are: how the variables vary... the variables come in two forms; these are: turning the variables into actions If you put variable forms in different sequences you are left with the effort actions; for example: the effort actions with their variable form sequences: WEIGHT




TIME can be SUDDEN or SUSTAINED a HEAVY weight, a DIRECT space & a SUDDEN time manifests itself as a PUNCH, because a punch is heavy, direct & sudden. PUNCH - heavy, direct, sudden

PRESS - heavy, direct, sustained

DAB - light, direct, sudden

FLICK - light, indirect, sudden

WRING - heavy, indirect, sustained

GLIDE - light, direct, sustained

FLOAT - light, indirect, sustained

SLASH - heavy, indirect, sudden The Effort Actions can be used as both physical manifestations for a character, or for help in developing
status & vocal strength

Effort Actions are rehearsal techniques to help actors
get into character quickly & develop conflict within
dramatic scenarios

Laban's work with character development for
actors is substantial and is used across the
globe in professional and
developmental theatre
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