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St Anne

No description

Hope Kaczynski

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of St Anne

St Anne is the mother of Mary.
Though her name is not said in the bible.
She was unknown until the second century.
St Anne was born in 58/59BC but the exact date is not known.
When was St Anne around?
St Anne lived most/all of her life during the BC time.
As Anne was forty-five when she gave birth to Mary she was very old and probably died soon after Jesus was born.
Where did St Anne live?

People are guessing that St Anne probably lived in or around the town of Nazareth.
She was born in Bethlehem and moved to Nazareth where she met Joachim who later became her husband.
Who Is St Anne
What Fruits and Gifts did St Anne show?
Saint Anne showed:
How Did St Anne Show The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
St Anne showed:
Understanding by realizing the significance of her child.
Wisdom by being wise with her decisions about God.
How did St Anne display these Fruits?
Picture slide
The five W's
The fruits and gifts
Extra Info
St Anne
What did St Anne do?
St Anne did not perform miracles that would be required to make her a saint today.
Saint Anne prayed for a baby every day.
One day St Anne prayed under a laurel tree and an angel came down from heaven.
Just like with her daughter St Anne was visited by an angel thus having a miraculous birth.
She served God by giving her child to him.
Why did St Anne become a Saint?
St Anne became a Saint because without her love for God Mary would never have been born.
Jesus would not be born because their wouldn't be a catholic person as Holy as Mary, and Catholicism would not be a thing.
St Anne started it all and that is why St Anne is Saint.
Saint Anne displayed:
Patience by waiting twenty years for a baby and not giving up.
Courage by giving her child back to God at the age of three.
Generosity by giving her child back to the church

1. In which time was St Anne
born (BC, AD)and in what
2. Why did St Anne become a
3. What is St Anne the patron
Saint of? Name two.
Thanks For Listening To My Presentation!!!!!
What is St Anne the Patron Saint Of?
Saint Anne is the patron saint of:
Women in labour
Horse riders
Protector from storms
Lost items
There will be a quiz at the end
Are You Ready?
Lets go!!!!!
By Hope. K.
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