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TPACK - Rachel Thornburg

Rachel Thornburg

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of TPACK

(Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge)

The "HOW" of teaching - strategies to convey information and reach others
Applying teaching and learning theories
Classroom management - create a learning environment, including rules, procedures, etc.
Lesson planning to meet objectives
Creating valid and reliable assessments
The "WHAT" of teaching
Understand where the learner is coming from (background, prior knowledge, misconceptions, etc.).
Know what it is that you are teaching.
Integrate across the curriculum!
The "METHODS" of teaching

Technology allows us to more easily
use, build, create,

Use (mechanical)
Integrate (meaningful)
Innovate (generative)

Quality teaching is the transformation of content.

N: Novel
E: Effective
W: Whole
Use (mechanical)
Integrate (meaningful)
Innovate (generative)

Pedagogy, Technology, and Content are all influenced by CONTEXT.
Pedagogy, Technology, and Content are all influenced by Context!!!
Consider the age, stage, place, and lifestyle of your learners!
Consider too the resources available to your students. (laptops, i-pads, etc.)
Teaching with technology is a wicked problem. Wicked problems require creative solutions. Teachers are designers of the total package!
Increased technology does not lead to student learning. Instead, effectiveness of technology depends on the teaching approaches used in conjuction with the technology. The integration of pedagogy, content, and technology are absolutely essential!
blackboards, white boards, SMART boards, powerpoints, calculators, GPS, compass, computers, etc.
•technologies as old and new, analog and digital
•as having attributes
•as offering affordances and constraints
•as solving problems (and creates them)
•as capable of being repurposed (zone of possibility)

Understanding technology is more than a listing of the latest gadgets

We use different tools for different purposes.

Technology solves problems, but it also
creates new ones.
Zone of Possibility
- Users redefine technologies, using them in new ways and for new purposes.
3rd Grade
Online curriculum
Online video clips, photos, interactive read-alouds, songs
Supplemental websites
Fraction bars, Unifix cubes, counters, dice, spinners
Airliner/Smart Notebook
Document Camera to show student work and examples
White Boards for students to solve problems
Online curriculum
videos and tools
Measurement tools
Magnifying glasses
Social Studies:
Google Earth
Maps & Globes
Video recordings of Washington D.C. reports
Powerpoint to present a compilation of Washington D.C. reports
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