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Taylor Swift

No description

Camellia Naderi

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

The 1989 World Tour

The last 3 pictures you just saw and fell in love with are pictures from the 1989 world tour.
Every person in the stadium gets a LED light up bracelet that is in sync with the songs!
There is always a guest star!!
Fifth Harmony
Jason DeRulo
John Ledgend
Ellen DeGeneres
Kobe Bryant
Dixie Chicks
Nick Jonas
Chris Rock, Matt LeBlanc, Sean O'Pry
And LOTS more!
(there's a guest for every show)
After the Red Tour, I knew that i will start having to buy my own tickets because now i am older, so i did. You can tell me to spend my savings on something useful, but what? I don't want a new laptop, or a iphone 6, or an xbox... I saved my money for this. Also, you should at least give me some credit for spending my own money while everyone else in my class have their parents to pay.
You might think I have no idea how much money I even have, but trust me I keep track of it all:

Debit-About $200
How much you and dad owe me for allowance- $210(total)
You said that i wont have to pay for all of Tina's ticket $unknown (I'm guessing around $100)
I'm asking for money for graduation from you and dad
So, if I go to two shows, I would pay you $350 because I subtracted the estimated amount you'll help me pay for Tina's ticket from how much the tickets were in total $450

Money Tracking
These are some reasons why you should let me go to both shows!
Every Night is Different! New guests, new outfits,
surprises, new speeches, surprise songs, and more!

Give you for 4 free car washes
when fall comes I will rake the leaves at least one time
I will help you clean the dishes for 3 weeks
If you let me go to two shows I will do the following (even though I AM the one paying for the tickets...
I'm not crazy
Some people think I'm crazy for going the same show twice, but to me its crazier to spend your money on a $900 phone. I'm confused why you'd be okay with me spending my money on a phone that's two times more expensive but you're not okay with me doing this. I think it's crazy Carran went to Greece. I think it's crazy you spend thousands of dollars on jewelery. So it's all about how you feel about it
They'll tell you I'm insane
Put yourself in my shoes
For this paragraph imagine yourself as me:
You are a 13 year old girl in art class and a conversation between all the girls breaks out.
"OMG I can't wait for the Taylor Swift concert! My parents got me front row seats yesterday." One girl said.
And soon all the girls ended up saying the same thing. And then there's you, and you know that your mom and dad won't let you spend that much money on tickets.
So you buy tickets that re not terrible but are decent.
You decide to look at kijiji and check out how much these girls' parents spent on tickets. Every link said $500 per ticket or more for seats that are close to the stage on the floor, except for one. This one link said $240
which you thought was affordable.
You've been a Taylor Swift fan for a long while now and you've have never seen her up close, so you think you should be allowed to.
Your mom lets you and so you buy them and tell your mom you'll pay her back.
Months later you start tracking how much money and you realize that if you keep both sets of tickets you'd be spending only $350 from your own money. And now you ask your mom...
Selena Gomez
Justin Timberlake
The EPIC stage:
Avril Lavigne
After every show Taylor hosts a meet and greet session called Loft '89. About 50 people get to meet their idol which is great! In the past, this meet and greet session has been called T-Party and Club Red.
LOFT '89
The ticket you get if you get Loft '89
Taylor's mom chooses the most dedicated fans at the show to meet her back stage. She looks for lights, costumes and enthusiasm!
This is something that would get a fan Loft '89
The stage during shake it off that rises and rotates
That view though
The Toronto stage is even bigger, and has a another stage!
A view of the catwalk
The EPIC stage!
B-stage rises and rotates too!
What the bracelets look like
I hope now you understand why I want to go the both shows. And if you let me go I love you and if you don't let me go I don't love you. Telling me not to go is like someone telling you not to do something you really want to do. If you let me go I will gain more independence because I would feel like I can decide things for myself. But if you don't let me go I guess I'll understand eventually...

If you let me go, I will be so happy!
Me if you let me go!
Me if you let me go!
Why I made this prezi (slide show);

I made this prezi to show you why going to the same concert twice is not crazy and that it actually means something to me because Taylor Swift is like my idol. It took me days to create and hopefully it was worth it. I think this prezi really showed how I feel and I'm happy that I got to show you because every time I talk you never listen and understand what I'm saying. I wanted to show you how much effort goes into the making of the show and why it's so awesome and why it deserves to be gone to twice! And by the way there are some people who are going to the concert 7 times! (some people on Tumblr. I love you sooooo much and I made this entire thing just for you! Hopefully you understand that...
What others think of the tour:
Taylor popping out of the door "I Know Places"
Piano during "wildest Dreams"
Taylor during "I Knew You Where Trouble" with the smoke effect in the background
Umbrellas during "How You Get The Girl"
Taylor's light up costume during "How You Get The Girl"
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