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Skye: Endless Realm

My Special Interest

Mandy Chen

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Skye: Endless Realm

Where did I find out about it? I found out about Endless Realm, when one of my favorite sites to play on, TinierMe, announced that they were closing down the site. A lot of people were disappointed by this announcement... that some fans of it decided to create Skye: Endless Realm. What more, you can sign up and get some special gifts if you're an ex-TinierMe player. What is Skye: Endless Realm (?) Skye: Endless Realm, is a new game. Although it is not released yet, you can sign-up for the beta.
They started creating this new website back in December 2012. So not that long ago. More about it Why I'm interested/attracted to this game. To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I'm interested in these types of games in particular. I guess the way you can fight gives me a way to release my everyday stress. And probably by the way that they mentioned, a lot of ex-tinierme players are also participating/signing-up for this game. (is my Special Interest!) Skye: Endless Realm Skye: Endless Realm is being created by a (somewhat) gaming site called: Heart Level Up!
It is supposedly (from what I've heard) another one of those interactive games where you can meet new people, and play along with them~ Their Facebook and Tumbler Pages To get more info, you can like their FB page, or follow their tumbler. Every now and then they show new things about problems and such things. On the tumbler, there is a FAQ area for those who want more info. On the FB page, they leaked out how characters may look like: TinierMe is over. But Skye: Endless Realm is just still beginning~ Hope you enjoyed! This was done by someone from TinierMe~ Credits go to the following: GIVE CREDIT TO TINIERME Give credit to Heart LevelUp for creating Skye: Endless Realm Give Skye: Endless Realm for.. well, Creating it~ THANKS FOR THE PICS FROM GOOGLE IMAGES
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