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Diana Perez

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

If you need help, please refer

to the lab assistant booklet.

It includes the following:
Welcome to

Make sure to have the key for your class.
Call the security guard to open the door.
Prepare the clipboard with a pen.
Fix up the room.
Fix the chairs before and after the class.
Have students fill out all of the spaces in the attendance records.
Fill the printer with paper and make sure it is turned on.
Make sure that you wear your ID.
At the beginning of the semester introduce yourself and the rules to the class.
Things You Need to Know

When any lab assistant is on
the cell phones, smartphones tablets or any devices cannot be connected in any PC in the labs.
Please do not use headset or earphones on DUTY.
Yellow notebook: information of cartridge must be filled out every time it is changed.(
Notify by email)
Red Notebook: write down incidents that happen in the labs.
Excused absences are defined as follows:
Illness or emergency with notification to the Lab Coordinator/Senior Lab Assistant/Lab Manager (
Notify us as soon as possible by email)
It is very important that you check your
HCCC email.
When the class assigned in the computer lab
does not show up
, you should wait at least 20 minutes. The Lab Assistant will be reassigned for that class period. When that happens it must be notified to the Lab Manager/Lab Coordinator/Senior Lab Assistant by email.

Our multicultural workforce and communication now.
Many new immigrants have created a number
of subcultures within our own society. As co-workers, we must learn to understand each other. We all come from a different culture, background, religion, and we all have different personalities. Although we all have different characteristics, we must always work as a team and make it a positive work environment.
Prepare for your class

Showing respect to coworkers starts with everyday etiquette. Little things like coming to work on time, greeting coworkers each day and smiling take little effort but go a long way in building positive working relationships.
Don't assume things.
Tell co-workers where you're going if you have to leave.
It's easy for rudeness or a lack of consideration to escalate into hostility. So even if it takes tremendous effort, be nice.
You should treat others how you would like to be treated. If you don't respect someone, then how can you expect them to respect you back?

Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs

Patience: If you deal with customers on a daily basis, be sure to stay patient when they come to you stumped and frustrated, but also be sure to take the time to truly figure out what they want.
Be a good listener: Listen to their words, tone of voice, body language, and most importantly, how they feel.
Take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrating on what the customer is really saying.

In customer service, you must have the ability to supply what the customer wants and needs.
Be Polite even if you had a bad day.

Information Booklet
When you change a cartridge, do not forget to report it to me via e-mail and also write it in the yellow book.

Whenever a computer screen is not turning on, check the cables to make sure that they are not unplugged.

If a computer is not turning on, make
Computer Problem Reports and leave one on the computer and the other in the computer lab. (desk)

Always check for supplies and if there is something missing, report it to me so it can be replaced immediately.

Turn Off
all computers and the printers if you receive a phone call for your supervisors, and make sure that the printers are full of paper.
General Shift Duties in the Labs
Whenever a new payroll begins, make sure that there is a new sign in sheet being used.
Provide your Timesheets on time.
How to Insert a You-Tube Video
What Should I do?
Student Registration
Microsoft Office 2010-2013
Step 1: Tell the students to log into RelanPro.
Step 2: Give them the school code (1736).
Step 3: Tell the students to put their personal student ID number located on their schedules, in the user name and password section.
Step 4: After logging in, ask the professor what chapter the students will be working on.
Step 5: Tell the students to double-click on the chapter
Make sure that the headsets are plugged in before logging into RelanPro.
Step 6: If they are only listening, tell the students to click play. If they are going to record, the students must mute the lesson. Then, they must click Record and talk in order to make their recording.
Step 7: When they need to insert an answer into a sound file these are the following steps.
Problems and Solutions
What do you do when a student cannot sign onto the HCCC network on their laptop or any devices?

Solution: Lab assistants should provide the student with the proper tutorial depending whether he/she has a Mac or HP computer PC. If the student cannot fix the issue with the tutorial, send the student to ITS department

Now Welcome Aboard
Rules for computer labs

Monthly Utilization:
Every half 1/2 hour
Attendance record:
Put your initials
Fill out all the spaces
Try to keep it clean and neat

When answering the phone in the lab, be sure to remember the following;
Computer Lab Room# this is____. How may I help you?
Problem: My ELT
What can we do if the students forget their passwords?

Solution: The students have to let their professors know they forgot their passwords. Sometimes, the professors are able to provide their passwords from a sheet they originally have. If not, lab-assistants can help the students contact my ELT through e-mail to help retrieve their passwords. Before students register for my ELT, they should provide the school e-mail so that they will not forget what e-mail they chose, and can easily log in to check for a response. Also, all students should write their passwords in their notebook the first day of class.

Problem: Relanpro.net
Submitting a response and the track no longer being available.

Solution: Before students are assigned to a track, the teacher and the lab assistant should let the students know if they submit a recording, they can no longer listen to the track if they try to open it again. Therefore, before submitting, the student should play back their response and absolutely make sure that they want to SAVE and SUBMIT.
: Relanpro.net
What can we do if a chapter is expired?

Solution: The majority of the time, this seems to happen to many students. We as lab assistants cannot do much to fix this issue. However, we can alert the professor and let him/her know that the lesson they assigned the students to work on is expired. They are in charge of logging into the Relanpro website and fixing this issue;
Teacher options:
inform their supervisor about the problem or email the coordinator Mr. Mohammed.

Problem: Reset password
What can we do if a student forgets his/her password?

Solution: From Hudson Portal go to:
click on help desk request student only
1. click on network password reset

This information is confidential, so the student has to do it on their own.

More Rules:
Write your name on the board
Inform your co-workers when you go on break, or go to the bathroom.
Take turns walking around and sitting at the front desk every half hour with your co-workers.
Do not spend time doing your homework during your shift. When you are at work, do not forget about your responsibilities.

what happen if the student needs to
print the schedule because doesn't has ID:
From the PC desk the LA has to help the student
to get the schedule:
note: the student has to type the password. (confidential)
Do not
forget to sign in and sign out when you take your break.

Tools for Lab Assistants assigned to a class:
Forms and headset, if faculty requested.
Lab assistant ID'S
Prepare the room with paper and fix the chairs.
After you have all those tools please introduce yourself, inform the students of rules and regulations.
Inform the faculty member on what kind of devices we offer the class.
When you finish, leave the room ready for the next class.
In case any class or professor doesn't show up, inform your supervisor. (after 20 minutes)

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