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Tech A

No description

Tim Ryckman

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Tech A

Tech A
What is Tech?
Difficult but
Prep for
A Different Kind
of Class
Star Trek "Science Fiction"
Phone of 2271
Innovation of the Phone
What About Education?
Almost 100 Years Later
So What Should the
Classroom of the Future
Look Like
Room Tour of the
Best Tech Lab in the Country
What Are the
Core Values
of tech?
"The 4 T's"
Thinking Critically
Conditioned to raise your hand
“Mr. Ryckman, how do you make the words fly across the screen?”
“What have you tried? Have you tried the help menu or Google?”
-Mr. Ryckman
“Mr. Ryckman! we can’t make the words fly across the screen?”
“Sounds like a good problem to solve”
-Mr. Ryckman
Win - Win
Win - Lose
Lose - Win
Lose - Lose
The Monkey is on YOUR Back!
The Score
7 day Engagements
Draw this...
The mental precedes...
the physical
Why does that fail so
Can you imagine?
So what does that
look like in Tech
The Journey
The joy is in the doing!
The Score
Cover Page
Judge a book by its cover!
Final Presentation
First for the background, we dotted all of the faces for the people. We thought that this would be more efficient than coloring each person. We then followed that with a black background that we made grey. Also adding the rafters and levels, like club level. For the faces we used Gloop pen for the shape and the color. We used airbrush and watercolor for the background.
Michael Jordan
Art Rage
Notice how we also deleted the outline in this slide because we did not need it anymore.
The other detail that we needed to do was the other player on the court. We used the same materials that we did for Michael Jordan. We even zoomed in and got the detail of the NBA logo on his shirt.
Other Details
For the number we used a gloop pen because it would look bold, just like the actual number is .
For the name and the numbers, we used different tools. For the name we used a white pencil, the reason being that we could still see the detail of the name like with a crayon but a pencil is better for detail.
Jersey Details
Here we colored the red portions of Mj’s jersey. We used chalk for this because we thought that it would bring out the texture in his jersey and also the shadows. We also used this for the basketball for the same reasons.
Jersey Material
Next we painted his skin ,aside from his jersey, by using the paintbrush tool. We thought that the paintbrush would bring out the skin color and muscle in his arm. We did man strokes also to bring out color and muscle.
We can see the image in the background because we set the opacity of the image by putting it to 40%
The first thing that we did with our picture was to outline our main painting focus (Michael Jordan) with pencil so that we could see clearer. Later this was taken off.
At the end of our project, we added little details to make it look more realistic. We added these camera flash looking stickers by using the stickers. The sticker was called flattened paint brush and we changed the colors to make it look like camera flashes.
Final details
We used many different tools for the backboard. We used airbrush for the base, watercolor for the shadow, and crayon for the outline.
We colored the rim with orange crayon to show the texture of the rim.
Backboard and Rim
Fill in
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