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How to Find a Buyer

Marketing Plan for Luxury Properties "Power Marketing"

Cesar Herrera

on 9 September 2017

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Transcript of How to Find a Buyer

Auction Web Site
International Real Estate Web Sites
Targeted Mailing
E-Campaigns, E-Blast
Social Media
Activity Reporting
Professional Photos

Presentation Book
International Real Estate Magazine-Print Ads
Auction House Lobby Exposure
Auction Catalogues Ads and Promotion Cards
PR Support
Never exclude agents from a sale
Maintain stellar agent relations
Build network of luxury agents
Buyers comes from others agents
90% of the time
Control positive
Press release
Hire PR firm
Market by association with
Luxury products
Market by association
luxury charity events
Make the "last call"
Make the "last call"
Make the "last call"
Direct mail: Just Listed cards
Direct Mail: Brochures to 2-3
Direct Mail: Just Sold cards
Discourage "quiet" listings
Only exclusive listings
Open House for all agents
Open house for society agents
Private open house for neighbors & clients
How to find a Buyer
How to create Competition

Create a defensible, credible value

Call abutters

Expose property to all agents

Use media: Internet, direct mail, social media, ect...

Have a syncronized showings

Make everyone aware of offers

Use print ads to catalyze interests

Make the "last call" to all agents

Orchestrate multiple bidders simultaneously
How to Find

Communicate constantly
with agents
Our Job is not to have one buyer, but to bring in all the buyers in the marketplace through the brokerage community.
The role we play
The more bidders the better
Marketing Tools:
We have the right ones

We will find the buyers for your home
Perform to get buyers
We are hire because we will use every means possible to find all buyers in the marketplace, get them all together " in a room", raise their comfort level to bid, and then control the psychology of the sale to effectuate the highest price by getting two or more to bid simultaneously.
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